The Chosen One




Where the strength comes from pain and love is nothing more than a memory,

where happiness lies.

Know you have to fight for those you love and for yourself is nothing more than what you expect for the rest of your life.




    "The light that is inside of you reflects the purity of your soul"


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Chapter 28: What no :( i love this story make it longer please :(
Anf finaly kris is back wonder what's going on
Update soon
PandaVIP17 #2
Chapter 27: I want to know what up with Kris!! Why has he been gone for awhile??
Chapter 27: Finally!!!!
Omg what is it with Kris???
Could it be that her father is controld by some one else??
Update soon so exciting!!!!!
Kuro_no_Daisy #4
Chapter 26: Omo! It's getting exciting! And its a love triangle getting formed
Chapter 26: Love it!!!! omo this is getting so good! though its not good that its their father >< uahgjkn
immarktuans #6
Chapter 26: oh my gosh. Baekhyun and his dad DX
Chanyeol likes Chae rim ^^ Yay. Oh well. Hope they'll end up together. Sorry Kris >.<
Update soon :)
[deactivated] #7
Congrats (:
congrats yo.
congrats ^^
immarktuans #10
Chapter 25: Update soon ^^ New reader and this is great :)