Sehun and Minyoung are two different people. Sehun, is the “normal” one. Minyoung, is the quiet and mysterious girl. The two are almost alike, but it’s like Minyoung is hiding something deep from the world. When Sehun sees her, she’s not the girl that he thinks she is. She seems to hold something different from all the girls that he’s met in his life, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. From Minyoung’s perspective, she sees Sehun like every other boy in her school, but she finds it odd to find that he’s always staring at her in class. Sehun has been trying to figure out what’s really wrong with her. He’s been in the same classes as her ever since primary school. Ever since secondary school, she’s suddenly changed to a quiet girl who sits in the back of the classroom, staring out the window, works alone on projects, just plain mysterious. He asks himself this question each time he sees her, who is she really?


▲ L E E M I N Y O U N G ▲ 

A girl who made a 180º change from cheerful to quiet. Sits in the back of the classroom, never participates in gaming events or anything physical. Some may say she’s the “invisible” girl. But in this school, people say she is like a robot with a heart of an ice queen.

 O H S E H U N ▲ 

A boy who is always curious of everything. He shows an emotionless face, but is always different inside. Some say that he’s the opposite of Minyoung, saying that he’s like a robot, but with a real heart. He lives with his grandmother and cares about her more than anything, considering she has been there for his whole life.



        ▲ S U H O  Always smiling just to brighten one’s day. The kind of person who never gives up.
▲ B A E K H Y U N  Very childlike, but then, very quiet towards those he doesn’t know well. Hobby, playing with lights.
 C H A N Y E O L  Also childlike, but athletic. Likes to mess with people, mostly with Baekhyun.
        ▲ D . O .  Very loud when with friends. Acts like the umma of the group.
          ▲▲ K A I  Very quiet. Mostly because his ears are always stuffed with his earplugs and they would be playing 24/7.

 TITLE Pandora
▲ MAIN CHARACTERS Lee Minyoung (OC), Sehun (EXO-K)
▲ MINOR CHARACTERS Rest of EXO-K members, fictional characters
 MAIN SONG Pink - in' Perfect

▲ POSTER & BACKGROUND everheart ` ♛ ❛ v a n i t y ❜

▲ INSPIRED BY KARA - Pandora, Jungle Fish 2
▲ STARTED 121118
▲ ENDED 130118
▲ AUTHOR’S NOTE A story that was plotted during The Geek and The Jerk II. orz, just found out that this story’s OC is like me, so, I’m guessing this story will be a tad different. I’ll express feelings out on here more. ^^
This is a story that I wanted to share with everyone. I'm pretty sure that everyone in this world is going through the same thing as what will happen from this story. The chapter plots come from my life, which is a lot similar with many others.
This is hopefully a motivational and inspiring story that I hope you guys will enjoy.
Let's take a break away from the cliché love stories and focus on something more unique.
ps. this doesn't seem happen in real life but let's pretend it does. sorry not sorry.

CONGRATS: Featured in AFF on 131204.


{Pandora} thanks for the 6000+ subscribers. i hope you guys are enjoying the story!

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jsmin49 #1
Chapter 4: *internally cursing every bad word in the dictionary, in every language*
Saerultae #2
Chapter 50: Hello? I wanna ask something. Can you accept my friend request???
nice (‘∀’●)♡
165 streak #4
I've haf this queued for a month and I'm just now getting to it! Looks good :)
Chapter 50: LOVE this story to the end and through everything I was in tears. Awesome story.
Chapter 46: OMG! I'm in tears.
Chapter 41: Oh wow. LOVE the essay. It was perfect. Good job Sehun.
Chapter 35: Did he REALLY mean that? Or was it the medicine? It would be nice if that ridiculous competition stopped. It's tearing the family apart.
Chapter 34: Oh man. Looks like competition for Minyoung. Ilsung and Sehun both love Minyoung. I'm glad Sehun got there before anything else happened.
Chapter 23: Oh wow. I'm so happy that Minyoung is moving forward. Thanks to Sehun. I would love to knock some sense into Minyoung's parents for hurting her brother. I'll have to continue when I'm not busy because I want to know what happens. Not to mention, what Minyoung is going to say when she finds out her brother is staying with Sehun. LOVE the story.