The Man who never Dies


I love you.

I love you so much, and I have loved you for so long.

So, so long. And because I love you, I have to stop you from loving me.

Hello everyone! This is Goddess and I have a new fic again.

I know I have five others ongoing etc, I'm not starting this immediately actually. I had this idea for a long time and I was only going to start this after nov 28 but holy , SHINee came out with a song "A thousand years, I still love you" or something and I was freaked by how similar it was to my idea. The paranoid me was afraid that someone might think of the idea before nov 28 so I decided spend half an hour to write this and start it first. Lalala~
I won't be starting this fic until then so hehe Mianhae. I'm just afraid this story idea would be stolen before then and I already have plans for this!!!

PS: I chose the man "THAT" never dies instead of "WHO" for a reason. Since Daehyun is immortal, he isn't very human anymore. "That" signifies this difference as compared to "who" that would be used for regular people. Yes it was intentional. 

Scratch that. Too many people are asking why I used "that" instead of using "who" and I'm tired of answering them. So yeah, back to the grammatically correct one. Le sigh.

So introducing lead vocalist of B.A.P: JUNG DAEHYUN!



Daehyun is 19 this year.

Daehyun is also 1095 years old this year.

And Daehyun is that way because...he can't die.

Daehyun was born in the Silla period in the year 917, a long long time ago. He was a minister's son and he was good in arts and the likes, a highly favored artist then.

And at that time he had a girl that took his heart, a girl that he loved so dearly, so much, so intensely.

And that girl was Kim So Eun, his fiancé.

They were in love and about to get married, a normal happening for an eighteen year old girl and nineteen year old boy then.

Everything was happening according to plan. The wedding, the union of Korea by the Goryeo dynasty, and even his mother's furnishing of the new house was going smoothly.

Until something happened. Daehyun was cursed.

From then onwards Jung Daehyun could not die. No matter how he tried to kill himself, jumping off cliffs and stabbing himself with knives, he couldn't.

It was like he had mutated from a normal human being to a superhero. Except this superhero had no super powers save for the fact that he lived forever.

Immortality. It sounds good doesn't it?

But the catch came in here. He was allowed to live forever and ever and ever.

Except he would have to watch his love die over and over again. He couldn't save her the first time, he watched her breathing stop as he cried against her cheek.

He waited a hundred plus years and Kim So Eun was reincarnated again.

And he tried saving her again.

And she died.

This cycle repeated over and over. Daehyun had to try to save her from dying on her eighteenth birthday, and every time he would fail to do so.


And only if he managed to let So Eun live a second past her eighteenth birthday, he would finally be free of the immortality curse and return to human again.

Every time So Eun was reborn, Daehyun would be there. He would watch as she grew up into the beautiful girl he knew and the love for her intensified every single time.

No matter how her little preferences changed with regards to food, color, and other physical things, she was still the same girl he loved. And he loved her, god he really did.

And every single time he would bear the hope that she would survive her eighteenth birthday, and yes he would be human again, and they would finally be able to be together after a thousand years of trying.


He never succeeded.

Daehyun figured he was the one to blame. He was jinxed. He was cursed. He was the one responsible for So Eun's death every single time.

And that was why this time, he had decided.

He would do anything, just anything, for her to NOT fall in love with him again. Because it was that that caused her downfall, that caused her misery, that caused her suffering.

And this time, he would do anything to keep her alive.




I love you so much, that's why I have to stop you from loving me.




AGE: 17

So Eun was a happy girl that couldn't get any happier with best friends and good grades.

She was always top in class...or maybe second sometimes, when Youngjae managed to overtake her. The two had always been competing in everything since they were kids.

Her five BAP boys were her best friends. They lived in the same neighborhood, living next to each other and growing up together.

She had that demanding Yongguk who would be the first to defend anyone who tried to be mean to her. Himchan who cared about nothing more than his hair and would be pleasantly pleased if you asked him to pick out clothes for her.

Youngjae, the brainiac in the group that vied first position in everything against So Eun, and So Eun never gave in. Jongup who was the sweetest boy possible, honest and pure. And Zelo, the little brother So Eun never had.

So Eun had a really happy life indeed. She couldn't ask for more...except....

A boyfriend.

She never thought about something like that until a certain guy walked into her life.

He was so mysterious, he never talked much. So Eun never knew why she felt as if he kept an eye on her every move when he so obviously disliked her. She never knew why she got that feeling that he was trying to get her to hate him.

But God, when Jung Daehyun smiled, it was like her whole world stopped and she could just stare at him forever and ever.

He was so flawed but so perfect at the same time. He had so many secrets, too many puzzles to be solved.

But So Eun always loved a challenge. And she made up her mind to find out just what sort of person Jung Daehyun was, behind that cold facade he created for himself.

What happens when she finds herself falling for him?

What happens when she realizes there is more to this guy than she originally thought? A thousand years more than she thought possible?

Would they get their happy ending this time?




Jung Daehyun was old. Old. Old with a capital "O". He would get into the Guinness world record for the oldest human being, hands down

But then again he wasn't really human was he? Because no human would be able to live past a thousand years, much less 150.

He looked 19, but he had memories of a thousand years. A thousand painful years.

When you looked into his eyes, you saw not a boy. Not a man. But someone who had been suffering for a long time. Someone who was tired of living. Someone who was desperate and full of misery.

He loved her, so so much.

It was always painful for someone to see the one person they love taken away from them, in front of their eyes.

Daehyun had to endure that countless times.

He thought it was the ultimate misery someone could be put in, except he was that someone. He never thought it possible but he yearned to die. He would beg for his breath to be cut. He wanted to get out of this endless cycle.

But he couldn't. Not until he managed to save her from dying.

It was the twenty first century. Daehyun had lived long enough, and loved even longer. He was determined to do things right this time. He would do anything to stop her from dying once again

As he recalled the painful memories of her previous deaths, he realized one important factor of why her death was inescapable every single time: because she loved him.

Because even with her 18 years of memories compared to his 1095 years, Kim So Eun loved him as much as he loved her. Every single time.

And with that love of hers, she always sacrificed for him. Always.

And Daehyun figured that if he was to stop this from happening again, he would have to stop her from loving him. He would have to be around her to protect her, but at the same time be mean enough to disgust even little kittens.

He really really wanted to see her live past 19. He wanted to see her live till she was ninety, when she had kids and grandchildren. He wanted her to have memories of her entire life, not only till 18.

He would do anything, just anything to save her from the cruel fate this time.

Would he be able to succeed, especially when he finds his efforts dwindling down to nothing?

What is he to do when he realizes that there he nothing he can do to prevent it, when she loves him just as much as he does to her?



B.A.P: So Eun's best friends and have grown up with her since they were children. All of them are 18, last year of high school. And yes including giant baby Zelo.





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A lot of people are saying how this is exactly the same as Kate Lauren's "Fallen". Just to clarify I haven't read the book yet, but holy I read the summary on goodreads and its really quite similar.

I can guarantee its going to be different though, I don't think coincidences can occur till THAT much of an extent.

By the way, for people who aren't very sure of what the plot is about, like why is Kim So Eun dying and being revived again?? What? Is she supernatural??

Okay this is a belief called Reincarnation. Click on the word, I put the link to wiki's explanation.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Sorry for the wait!





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