My Sweet Lovely Bastard


This is my first fanfic here. And sorry about grammar mistake, because english is not my first languange. Hope you will like my fanfic. Enjoy!!!!!!!














Kim Jong In (kai) :

  • Stubborn
  • Cold
  • Kingka in school
  • Very rich

Park Shin Yeong (you):

  • Kind
  • Rich as well
  • Turn became a nerd


"Why must you do this?" krystal ask me with confused face.

"Please understand me, I will start a new life with no one know who I am. So when we're in school, pretend not to know me, arra?" I explain everything to her. But thanks god, she finally understand me.

She left out a sigh " Arra, you are such a crazy girl, ya know?"

"Hahahah I know it"

Can't believe I do this. But it's gonna be fun. Here I am, Korea. I'm readyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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