Running Man: SHINee Special!



It is just another Running Man

With another guest




What if this is a Running Man special?

With special guest coming?





Annyeong! I believe most of you have heard/watched about/before Running Man right? If not, I strongly encourage you to watch this awesome variety show! 

So, what is this fic all about? It is the same as any other Running Man series with the comedic intro, challenging games and of course, the exciting and nerve-wreaking chase.

What will happen if a SM group come to Running Man as guests?

Will they be defeated by Sparta Kook or Ace Jihyo? Or will they defeat them, get the running balls and walk away without having to bear punishments like a boss?

Stay tuned to find out!



[Edited] The previous chapters are all gone because, well, read the notice chapter and you'll understand. 




I do not own any characters in the fic except for the plot.

This fic is purely fictional.There is no Running Man: SHINee Special in reality though I hope someday SHINee will appear as guests. 

Please do not plagiarize!



Thanks a lot to: WhiteDiamond Graphics ♕!


Thanks a lot to Heavz01!






[RM: SHINee Special] How on earth do you guys find this story?!?! Whr do all the subbies popped out from?!

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is this still being worked on??
Chapter 3: the poster is nice :) Can't wait for this to start!
I want more :)) Good!
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 3: Aw heather it's adorable!! XD
Chapter 1: This sounds exciting! XD I'm going to wait for this~ :D
Chapter 2: Omggggg maybe maybe it will be like the ep of new year *-* where they used the idea of the fan and made games out of it! Ohhh i wish it will be true q.q i want shinee to be there! I wonder how onew will do.. THIS IS JUST SOO DNDJDNDIENNEJND I SHALL WAIT FOR THIS *^*
Chapter 1: If you want help, I could give you ideas. I'm a huge fan of rm, so I have a few ideas of a good episode you could come up with. :)
Excited to read this!
update please
Aigoooo !!!!! I just agshejsnhabakljjlelkk !! xDD
My feeling - *o*
Update soon please ! I'm so hyper right now ~
I could even imagine Tae's innocent face *~*