The Marriage

One More Chance



They were officially married.


Yoona P.O.V

I am now a wife T^T I never imagined to be a wife at the age of 24. Well, becoming a wife to Mister Kim Il Jun is totally fantastic. A lot of people praised us during the wedding >.< They said we are such a perfect couple. Hehehe.

Kim Il Jun. I’m glad to become your wife. :’) Your first and LAST wife is me, Il Jun ssi. I will be such a super duper wife and mommy for our future children. I will fulfill my responsibility as a wife ^^.  Even though I’m not good in cooking, but because of you I will do that! I will practice more and more to become a good wife to you, okay? I love you, Il Jun ssi. I love you for the rest of my life.



Kim Yoona! You! You should change your attitude! Don’t become childish! You need to be strong! This phase of marriage will be happy. But, not every marriage end with success. Some of them couldn’t manage to hold on. If you do something bad, you won’t be with him any longer. Mind your attitude! Do you want to lose him? Then, if you don’t, take good care of him.  



Il Jun P.O.V

I decided to marry her. I believe, this is my fate that belongs to me! Sometimes, I feel guilty for her. I’m sorry. But.., 24 years! 24 years I waited for this moment. The one who can only stop me now is only my father-in-law [JAINDEREUN]. It might be difficult to fight him. Jaindereun taught me to learn from the world. So, I learnt something precious. If I want to carry on with my dream, I need to wait! I need to wait until he becomes weak or I become stronger! That is the only way to fight him. Wait until the right time comes. Waiting.. waiting.. and waiting..


Yoona! Thanks for bringing me into this superb life. I appreciate it. I know, I made a huge mistake. But, I couldn’t turn back. This is the way you and I decide. I couldn’t fix it anymore. People have their own back, front and side. I’m sorry for not showing the ‘real’ me.



Sang Joong P.O.V

Let’s play the game, Il Jun-a. I’ll lend you G.O.D Theme Park. We’ll see how you handle it. How passionate you are. Show us the real you! Whether is it true or not all your statement before? Not because of money? Baaah! Who believe that? Until I prove it with my eyes, I will decide the right thing to be made! To protect my family. Now you are playing with fire Il Jun-a. It seems fun to me! Let’s see how long you gonna hide your own 'you'!



Yunho P.O.V

Today is the best day! Seeing Yoona and Il Jun together was such a perfect feeling. Ahhh! I am so happy for them. May this marriage last long forever after.  ^^ Kim Yoona , Kim Il Jun, God bless you!





Do you think Il Jun is that bad, readers?

Well, for me, he's not T^T he just a man who traumatized with his life.

It is not easy for him to erase those 'painful' memories when he was young.

But the way he did to Yoona... erkk. he is T^T

But we can't blame him 100% , right?




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Chapter 9: poor yoona T^T T^T T^T
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Chapter 9: il jun
thats the spirit. yo!
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update authornimmm
seluglitter #4
Chapter 9: keep on writing, love it! ;)
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hey sorry, im new here so is this a book or a movie?? because i am looking for it all over! Please help
Chapter 9: A really great update !! But i pity Yoona , she doesn`t deserve this kind of love . Please update soon more ^^ I`ll be waiting *keke*
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Chapter 8: i love yunho character
he reminds me of someone
anyway update fast, authorsi
KailoverforeverEXO #8
Chapter 8: nice >.<
luv it
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Chapter 4: just read until chapter 4
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