Moments with HIM 2

One More Chance


The time had came. Il Jun couldn’t hide his nervousness. He didn’t know Sang Joong well. But, he did prepare his answers ; he tried his best to imagine the situation and put himself as Sang Joong. The first time he stepped into Yoona’s house, he was stunned ; big, full with luxury items and the sofa seemed expensive. Yoona hold Il Jun’s hand as she looked at Il Jun’s face ; quite pale.

“It’s ok, Il Jun Ssi. Everything is gonna be alright. Trust me!” she tried to comfort her love. Actually, she already asked for Yunho's help to persuade their father to accept Il Jun. Yunho was happy to receive this task.  

Yunho went downstairs and saw Il Jun. They both greet each other.

“Kim Yunho.”

“Kim Il Jun.”

“I know. Please.. Take a sit.” Il jun sat down.

“Let me call him first.” He went towards his father's room to inform about Il Jun.

“Oh Il Jun-a.” Il Jun stand up and bowed.

“Have a sit.”  

“I will help the maid.” Yoona left them, letting the men speak. Sang Joong started the conversation about his family and Yoona’s character. He couldn’t stop praising his children with a smile on his face.

“Hwaejangnim. The meals have been prepare.” Informed the maid.

“Oh. Ok. Il Jun-a. Come.” They all went to the dining room. Various of food had been prepared.




It's quite! The enviroment made him more uncomfortable. He just continued eating. While they were eating, Sang Joong started the conversation.

 “I heard you are from a poor family. What’s your father occupation?”

“He owns a carwash.”


“She died when I was 2.”

“Any siblings?”

“A sister. But she died because of excessive work when I was 11.”

“I see. You have been through such a bad life, Il Jun-a.”

“Il Jun-a. Let’s get straight to the point, alright? Speak comfortably.”

“Ne, Hwaejangnim.”

“Well, Il Jun-a. You know right, Yoona comes from a rich family?”


“Do you ever think what I am concerned about right now?” he was actually talking about the reason why Il Jun wanted to marry Yoona : Wealth.

“Appa!” “Abuji!” Yoona and Yunho, both showed disagreement. Yoona didn’t want to ruin this special night.

“Yoona, Yunho. I’m just asking.” He said and continued eating.

“Hwaejangnim..” “Will you trust my word if I only say no?”

“Safe answer.” Praised Sang Joong. Yunho seemed impress. He never saw anyone who could cut down his father’s words in such a good answer.

“Keumanhae, appa!” Sang Joong ignored Yoona’s word. He just wanted to ask Il Jun that and this to satisfy himself that Il Jun would never seize their wealth. Never!

“Il Jun-a. What can you do for my daughter?”

“Anything possible for me to do.”

“Yoona is not a girl who can simply live in a poor life.”

“Appa. Chaebal!! Oppa.”

“Abuji! Why don’t we talk about this later. You make him uncomfortable. Il Jun-a. You can continue eating.”

“Relax. I just want to know more about him. He is the man who is gonna be in your life, Yoonaya. Also, in our life. He will be part of our family. That’s why I need to know him.” Sang Joong explained. Well, it was exactly what Il Jun expected ; This kind of question. It’s easy for him to answer as he had prepared for it.

“Hwaejangnim. I’ll make sure with this hand, Yoona will never taste what poor really is.” Tried to psycho Sang Joong with his ‘perfect’ answer. Yunho smiled when he heared his. He knew Yoona chose the right man.

“Woww! You’re such a good talker.” Sang Joong was not gullible. He’s a businessman with a lot of experiences. People around him taught him to be more careful. That’s why he is not the man who can easily trust anyone.




After they had their dinner, Sang Joong brought Il Jun to his office.

“Il Jun-a. Do you know how I began my first business? I was also a poor man. My parents both died because of the accident. I’m the eldest. I need to raise my siblings. My parents just left a piece land for us. I had no money on that time. My brothers and sisters couldn’t stop saying ; “Oppa! I’m hungry” “Oppa! I’m starving.”. So, I had no chance. I need to sell the land.

However, Il Jun-a. There’s a hut and a family lived there. I could see a father with perspire who just got back from his work and a mother who just gave birth to a newborn baby. I told them this is my land!! my parent’s land!! But, they replied my parents gave it to them for free out of kindness! I didn't shocked at all. I knew my parents was a kind person.

You know, they were begging me to give them time to find a new place to live. But Il Jun-a, I kicked them out from the land on that day! I never thought about who will cry, who will starve or who will homeless.”

“Are you trying to say you want to kick me out, Hwaejangnim?”

“You have Yoona. If I want to kick you, it means I need to kick Yoona as well, right? That’s impossible. I will never do that to my daughter.” He raised his eyebrows with a mysterious smile.

“Il Jun-a. A lot of man tried to tackle Yoona. Most of them were rich. Even though, I knew the reason why they wanted to be with my daughter was because ‘she is the daughter of Kim Sang Joong’ , it’s ok. At least, they were already being a rich human.  Yet, Yoona never opened her heart not even for once for them. And you are the first one who make her learn about  what love really is. But to my surprise, you are not comparable to the other men and you are not what I thought.

Il Jun-a.  Maybe, first you love Yoona the way she is but, eventually you will forget your love and try to pursue more and more because you never feel the passion before.”

“Hwaejangnim. I’m different.” He tried to assure Sang Joong.

“You’re such a brave man, Il Jun-a. But your answer is not good enough. Well, Il Jun-a.” he stopped for a while and continued.

“I have never heard anyone says they are the same with the others.” Kim Sang Joong! He made Il Jun speechless! The man who was able to talk terrificly is now defeated.

“Il Jun-a. Long ago, before I built G.O.D Corporation, I’m just a normal worker. Sometimes, I get frustrated because of my boss. All I did never satisfied him. Waahhh. I am so upset! So, I kept reading just to gain a lot of knowledge for the sake of him just to change his thought to me. However, after three months, I was reading for the sake of myself! And, from that time, I became more knowledgeable and built my own company.

You can say you love Yoona. But finally, you will just do the opposite rather than your own initial love just how I forget about the main reason why I reading. That is how I can put it. I watched people around me. I learnt from them to become more powerful, Il Jun-a.”

Suddenly, someone knocked his room’s door ; It’s Yunho.

“Abuji. The dessert has been prepared.”

“Is it? Ohh. Okay. Il Jun-a. Let’s have our dessert.”




He gave an honor bow and leaved. Yoona accompanied Il Jun out until the front gate of her house.

“Il Jun ssi. I have strong feeling he will accept you because I am his only daughter.”

“Because of you are his only daughter he wants someone who match with you to guarantee your life.”  

“Ei. Don’t be like that. We need to stick together, right? You just need to believe me, Il Jun ssi. Okay? Oh.. By the way, are you sure you want to ride taxi?” she asked.

“Yes. Anyway, see you tomorrow, Yoonaya. Bye.” Il Jun waved his hand and leaved.


“Waaah. Abuji. I think Il Jun is match enough with Yoona. The way he speaks, the way he organize his word is fantastic!” Yunho praised Il Jun. Sang Joong turned to Yunho and put his hand on Yunho’s shoulder.

“Yunho-a. Sometimes, humans are scarier than ghost.” He leaved Yunho with a question mark and walked towards Yoona.


“Oh. Appa.”

“Please.." Sang Joong stopped. Yoona closed her eyes as she couldn't stand to hear it. Andue!!

"Bring him into our family.




So, how is it? Do you like it?

Btw, the 'real' game, plot are about to start.

So, I hope you can wait for it. ^^

Lets show Il Jun what the real world and love are :D

p/s : don't ever play with 'fire'





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