I Have a dream..

One More Chance


3 Disember 2011

On the desk while listening to Talk That by Secret.


Dear Diary!
I can’t believe we finally did it, I graduated. Yaaaaaaayyy!! Il Jun? He received dean award. Well , it is not something shocking. I’ve faith in him. Hehehe. Il Jun and I, we are moving together and it will all be just perfect. Oh ya. Just now, appa told me that he will hand me Art Hall. So, I am officially the Head Manager of Art Hall. ^^ I will start working next Monday. Oh! Gotta go as I’m late for graduation party.


With love,
Kim Yoona.



Yoona quickly noted down in her diary. She put it in the drawer. Happy tears were running down her cheeks. She went to the party as soon as she asked her appa. She was looking for Il Jun. Unfortunately, he was not there. So, she asked Seok Hoon to find out why.

“He’s not feeling well.”

“He’s sick?”

“He’s having fever. Yoona ssi. Don’t worry about him. He is a strong man. Come on. Let’s have some fun.” Explained Seok Hoon. However, yoona couldn’t hide the fact that she was worried about that man. So, she called him. At that time, Il Jun was laying down on his bed. He picked up the phone.

“Il Jun ssi? Kwenchana? Do you want to see the doctor?” asked yoona with panic.

“I’m fine, just need some rest.”

“You are sick, Il Jun ssi. Get ready. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Yoona quickly walked out of the party and grabbed her keys in the handbag.

“It is just normal. Everyone will get sick when the time comes. You don’t have to act like this. I can watch over myself, Yoonaya.” Il Jun explained. Yoona stopped.

“Ok. But, promise me you will be okay by tomorrow.”

“As you wish, my dear.” Yoona smiled, walking back into the party.





Her appa’s voice could be heard from upstairs, calling out her name. It’s time for lunch! She closed the windows and went downstairs. Her appa and oppa were already at the dining room so no wonder appa shouted just now. Hehe. She took a sit.

“Yaaa. This girl. Cheongmal.. Always late till we need to wait for her? Who are you? Are you a boss here?” Yunho .

“Yes.  I’m a boss here so, what? Have any problem with that?” She stuck out her tongue. Yunho quickly grabbed a fork beside him and pointed it in front of Yoona.

“You!!” Sang Joong couldn’t do anything, he just laughed.

“Waaaa. It looks delicious.” Said Yoona, changed the topic. Suddenly, Yunho put some spinach into Yoona’s plate. He knew that his sister was not a vegetarian.

“Eat it.”

“Appa! Look at him!” Yoona stomped her feet.

“Well. He did right. You should eat it.”

“Appa. You know that I don’t like vegetables at all.”

“Change it.” Yunho interrupted. Yoona looked at him with sharp eyes.

“Fine.. Fine!!!” she ate it with her eyes closed. Actually, it was not that bad.

“See? Spinach is not bitter. You will love it. It’s great for your health.” Added Sang Joong. They all continued eating.

“Yoona-a. Are you still single?” that question caused Yoona to cough unexpectedly. Sang Joong handed over a glass of water. Yoona drank it.

“Are you okay?”  she nodded her head. There was something suspicious. As a father, Sang Joong knew there was something that he didn’t know. 24 years he raised his daughter, he never heard any news about Yoona being in love. She was childish and close to him. Usually, if they have a great father, they will find someone better while it is difficult to look for a better person. Honestly, Sang Joong was afraid to lose his daughter. It’s just… She was his only woman in the house. Although he knew at the age of 24, Yoona should get ready to have someone special.

“Ei. You should figure out your own future, Yoona-a.”

“Oppa. You should get married first.” Yunho face turned. He continued eating.

“Oppa. Mianhae. Mianhae. I didn’t mean to...”

“It’s ok, Yoona-a.” He gave a big smile to Yoona. But then, Yoona knew he was trying to hide his feeling. That naughty woman , Jeon Woo Gyeong who dared to fool my brother. She remembered how that girl played with Yunho. The date of their wedding had been set. Unfortunately, she disappeared after she had his money. Yunho lost 2.5 millions dolar. But he didn’t regret those millions at all. When she left him, he was down in the dumps for a couple weeks. Just because of that incident, her oppa changed. He became quite and shut his life inside the room, crying for a whole day. Appa and I were all worried about him. Appa encouraged him to keep fighting, let bygones be bygones. Whatever it is, life must go on. However, his pain was not easy to recover, all the advices just disappear. From that minute, appa told me to be careful in love ; not to trust anyone easily and find someone who is equal to you. But now, I’m happy enough with the new Kim Yunho. He looks better than before. I pray he will meet someone who suit him. Just like Il Jun and me.



“Make sure you find out who Yoona is going out with. Also, his full background. Fax it to me whenever you have it.” Sang Joong commanded his personal spy.

“Ne, hwaejangnim.” Sang Joong hanged off the phone. He sat down and opened his memorable photo album. He watched Yunho and Yoona when they were kids. He thought he raised them well.

“Kang Cheonsa. I did my best to become the best father in their eyes. Do you still doubt my credibility as a father?” Sang Joong talked to himself, remembering the past. How his wife avoided him, left Yunho and Yoona to his care. She even asked for divorce. No one knew the reason behind her action until her death.



Sang Joong looked at a piece photo, between Yoona and a guy. He raised an eyebrow.

“His name is Kim Il Jun. He’s 24 years old. He is from a poor family. His father owns a carwash. He graduated and got dean-award from the same university as your daughter. From my observation within this week, he is a talented with innovative thinking person. His article was selected as the best opinion for transformation of our country by Mr President. Due to his winning, Mr President offered him to enter the best university here. And..”


“He never date anyone before. Yet, your daughter is the first woman he date.” Sang Joong snorted. He thanked the spy and asked to leave him. The spy bowed 90 degree and left Sang Joong alone.

“So, he is from a poor family.. Kim Il Jun!” Sang Joong snorted with the picture in his grip. Yoona seems happy inside the photo so does Il Jun. However, he can’t persuade his heart to like that man.





Yoona P.O.V :

Should I introduce Il Jun to appa right now? I think, today is the right day to explain that my heart was stolen by Kim Il Jun. I can imagine how he would react, but I will convince him. Yes! I will! I am his only daughter. I have a dream with him. I will let him know that I can’t leave without Il Jun and I truly believe Il Jun is created to be with me. Yes! We are both created to be with each other. Be with me, God. May he accept Il Jun. 


Before sleep, as usual Yoona will call Il Jun first. They will spend around 10 minutes a day. Suddenly , to her surprise, Il Jun sang This Night again - 이밤을 다시한번. It was an old song during 1987, if she wasn't mistaken. But, for her, it was such a romantic song to hear. 


"Do you know why I sang this song to you?" 


"The writer of this song said that when he wrote it, he imagined his wife's death. If only he could send all his love by that night and hoped for another night to live together. . And.. To me, if only I could shout out how much I love you tonight, Yoonaya. A..nd.. I hope it will continue forever. Just like tonight.”  Yoona was touched. She was on the verge of tears.

“Il Jun ssi.”

“Goodnight, Yoonaya. Sleep tight!” He ended the conversation.

"I'm sorry, Kim Yoona. But I have a dream to achieve."    



Fact :

If someone achieves his dream,

then another one loses his dream !



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