One More Chance



Yoona P.O.V


A month passed. I can’t stop mentioning his name. I mean, EVERYDAY ; Kim Il Jun the handsome guy, Kim Il Jun the charismatic guy, Kim Il Jun the bad guy , Kim Il Jun the poor guy. Yaaa. who would have thought, I'm about to go crazy over him. I never imagine my life will change within this time. Sometimes, it’s killing me but at the same time it makes me happy. I don’t even know why. But what I know is that I just want to keep watching him,  look at his cold face, listen to his deep voice J I’m happy enough with this new life. Thank God for bringing him into my life. Thank you. I am so grateful to have him now.


End P.O.V


“Taeyeon-a. you are so lucky to have seok hoon as yours.” Yoona praised her. Suddenly, Taeyeon pinched Yoona’s cheek. Yoona grouned.

“Ya babo-ya! You should have your own Mr Right by now.” Yoona smiled mysteriously. Taeyeon’s eyes opened wide.

“Don’t tell me you are now…..” yoona nodded her head.

“jinjjayo? You are not fooling around right? Right?”

“I’m serious, taeyeon-a. I’m totally serious!”

“Do I know him?”

“yes. You know him.”

“so, who is your Mr Right?”

“Kim Il Jun.”

“Kim.. Il.? HAAAAHHH!  What? Kim Il Jun? you mean, seok hoon’s friend? Since when? How come I didn’t know anything?”

“I’m sorry for hiding this from you. But, we never had a serious relationship. It just one-sided.”

“Wooooowww! This is totally a brand new hot topic!! I couldn’t believe my ears right now. You have fallen for him. Kim Yoona is falling in love with Kim Il Jun. The richest daughter in Korea is in love with the poor guy. Did Il Jun already say those three little words?”

“not yet. But, Ill make sure he does that. I’ll make sure that!! Hihi.”

“I totally believe that if you both got together, it's like a match made in heaven. Haha!”






“Appa. I’m off to university now.” Yoona said while rushing. She kissed her appa’s cheek ; sang joong hwaejang. But then, sang joong grabbed her hand.

“My daughter. Take your breakfirst first.” Sang joong smiled. Yoona seemed unhappy.

“Appa. I’m late.” Yoona pouted.

“in order to focus in class, you need to take your breakfast, yoonaya. Otherwise..”

“you will starve.” she continued he appa's sentence which she has heard all the time.  She gave up and took a seat.

“that’s my girl.” Sang joong praised his only daughter. Yoona seemed frustrated. Ahh! If she couldn’t see Il Jun today, she would blame her father!

“morning abuji.” Yunho, Yoona’s one and only brother. The one who understand her feelings.

“morning yunho-a.”

“Oh? Yoona-a. You’re having your breakfast? That’s weird.” Yunho raised his eyebrow.

“He forced me!” yoona pointed at sang joong.  Sang joong burst into laughter, couldn’t hide his feeling.

“abuji does this for your own benefit.” Yunho replied, teasing her sister.

“exactly.” Sang joong agreed. Yunho took a seat and had his breakfast. Yoona looked at his brother. She wondered how could Yunho be smiling when he is deeply hurt on his inside. Physically, he is a tough guy but no one knew what lies within. Yoona nodded her head.

“I’m done, appa. I’m off.” Yoona rushed. Once again, sang joong interrupted her.

“What more, appa?” sang joong showed his cheek. Yoona snorted. She walked towards sang joong and kissed his cheek.

“How about me?” asked yunho with a smile on his face. Yoona showed her first, yunho laughed.

“Study properly.” Sang joong shouted.

“Ne.” Yoona ran. She was excited to see Il Jun. He is probably now in the library. In the car, she kept imagining him with a smile on her face. She took a look at the pack beside her. The handphone that she bought for Il Jun yesterday. It was all because she missed him in every night. Il Jun doesn't have any communication devices, no laptop, no facebook, no handphone. Huh!! How could he survive without any of them?

“Il Jun ssi. This present is from my heart. Would you accept this? No!”  “Il Jun Ssi. I want to give you something special and I hope you don’t mind.”  “Arghhh!! Yoona! You can’t do this. Haish!! What should I say?” yoona was practicing her line to say to Il Jun. She didn’t know how to give the handphone.

“Il Jun Ssi. This is for you.  Well, I think this is better and simple.”

Yoona looked outside. Then she saw someone who seemed like Il Jun from behind. She passed the guy. And, yeah! That’s Il Jun.

“Ahjushi. Stop here.” commanded yoona. The driver followed her instruction. Il Jun stopped as soon as the luxury car stopped in front of him.

Yoona wind down the window.

“Yoona ssi?” Il Jun asked himself.

“Il Jun ssi. Come here.” Yoona called him. Il Jun went towards Yoona.

“Where do you want to go? I guess … Library, right?” Yoona said pretending not to know anything.

“no. Bookstore.”

“Bookstore? Oooh. I see. Err. Hah. I also want to go the bookstore. I want to buy a new novel. It seems like we are going to the same destination. Come, follow me!” Il Jun seemed weird however he agreed her offer. Inside the car, he felt like he was in house, complete with a set of television, fruit and other stuffs ; For the first time in his life.

“Oh! Almost forgot.” Il Jun looked Yoona. Yoona took the handphone that she bought before.

“Il Jun ssi. This is for you.”

“What is this?” asked Il Jun. Yoona scratched her head. She never practiced answer that kind of question.

“erkkk… a.. handphone?”

“for what?” duuussssh! It seemed like a heavy rock fell on her. She took a deep breath and answered it with calm and sincerely.

“for me to call you ever night.” Said yoona frankly. She stared at Il Jun with a smile on her lip.






Day by day, every memory inside her mind was precious. Since Il Jun already had a handphone, she kept calling him to confide her feeling towards him. Well, it was something normal for anyone who is in love, right?

Yoona called Il Jun. She asked Il Jun for a date. Il Jun had a strong feeling that Yoona was attracted to him. He knew it. He just knew it. Which woman would give him that all sort of things just for free unless…..?

“Appa! I want to go out with taeyeon right now. Can I?” asked Yoona. Yes! She was lying.

“Ohh. Ok.” Sang Joong gave the permission with no doubt.

“Kamsahamnida my handsome and dashing appa.” Yoona bowed her head with a bright smile.

“Get back early, yoona-a.”

“Arasseo, appa.” Sang Joong shooked his head. Yoona left and closed the door. She jumped with joy. She started her engine and drove her two-seat car to meet Il Jun at the theme park.  Well, actually she decided the place because it was such a fun place to spend their quality times together.

She came early and waited for him. From far away, yoona could see him walking with his hands inside the pockets. She waved her hands so that Il Jun would notice her.

“So, what’s your plan?” asked Il Jun.

“Have fun!! Come on!” Yoona grabbed Il Jun’s arm and led him. They played a lot of games. The cold-hearted guy is gone. All she could see was just a bright smile and a big laugh. She never saw that before.  Especially, when Il Jun bought her a new hair-clip.  Who would have thought Il Jun was such a good guy.

“What’s next?” asked Yoona.

“Roller coaster!” Actually, yoona was afraid of speed. But then Il Jun convinced her.

“Come Yoona. It'll be exciting. Come on.”  Il Jun stopped yoona from escaping.

“No, Il Jun ssi. I’m afraid of it. No!” Yoona insisted. But then, Il Jun lent his hand.

“Hold my hand. Never let it go, ok? We will have so much fun in the ride. Trust me, Kim Yoona.” Yoona looked at Il Jun with fear.

“trust me.” He raised his eyebrows.

“O…o..k” yoona agreed. Il Jun grabbed yoona’s hand tightly. They were queuing. Yoona looked pale.  When it was their turn, yoona did not move.

“don’t be afraid. I’m here. Come on.” Il Jun smiled brightly which actually comforted Yoona.

“close your eyes. Now take a deep breath. Stay calm and…” before Il Jun finished his words, the roller coaster began.

“arghhhhh!” yoona shouted.

“Have fun!” Il Jun whispered.




Now it’s time to say goodbye. Yoona offered to send Il Jun back. However, Il Jun refused.

“See you tomorrow, yoona.” He bid goodbye and walked away. But for yoona, it seemed painful to see Il Jun leave her alone. She clutched the hem of her shirt.

“Il Jun ssi!! Kajima!!” Il Jun turned back and saw Yoona running towards him. She grabbed Il Jun’s waist and quickly hugged him.

“Saranghae.” Yoona confessed.




Sorry for the late update. I was quite busy with my homework. 

Next chapters gonna be much more interesting and a lot of questions will keep playing in your mind.

Checked by : sapphire_flower

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