Unexpected Meeting

One More Chance




Il Jun POV :

It has been 4 years since I got accepted into the best university in Korea. This is my last semester till I graduated. No one can help me but myself can! Anyway, I haven’t heard any news about Eun Hye for 9 years now. But, I didn’t really care, actually. I'm used to this and I am pretty sure she’s living a good life right now.

End of POV




Lee Seok Hoon [SG Wannabe]

*Il Jun's housemate.
*Kind , Friendly



Rays of sunlight hit Il Jun’s face as he stepped out of the library. He breathed the fresh air of autumn. He looked around, only to see people enjoying the view and kids playing around. He took a few steps forward before deciding to just go home. As he headed home, he started to imagine something : how would his life be if he was from a rich family? Unknowingly, he smirked at the thought of him becoming one of the richest people in the world. But it didn’t last long because someone disturbed him by knocking the restaurant window out loud. He turned to that person to give him a death glare but it turned out to be his housemate, Seok Hoon. The handsome guy signaled Il Jun to come inside. Il Jun nodded.

“Here!” Seok Hoon gave him a sweet smile. He saw two girls and another 2 guys with Seok Hoon.

“Man, come join us.”Il Jun just shrugged but he sat anyway.

“Who is this?” one of the girls asked seok hoon as she applied a small amount of lip gloss on her pink lips.

“Kim Il Jun. He is my housemate. He’s very smart, you know.” Seok Hoon said.




*Yoona and Seok Hoon's bestfriend
*A good listener to Yoona


“Il Jun, this is Taeyeon, my friend and this is Yoona, Taeyeon’s friend.” Il Jun looked at them with no interest.

“What about the two guys here?”

“Those two?.. they are my bodyguards.” Said the girl named Yoona. She was trembling. Nerveousness got the better of her. She gulped. Ever now and then, she would take a glimpse of the handsome man in front of her. She was hypnotized by his perfect features. Il Jun, she thought. She would remember that name for sure.

Il Jun took out a book that he borrowed from the library and read it since he was bored with the conversation. Lame, he thought. He was so absorbed into the novel until a sweet voice called out his name. He looked up. That girl, Yoona was the one who called him.

“Did you hear what I was saying?” He shook his head. Yoona smiled.

“I said, I’ve read that novel before.”

“Ohh..” was the only thing that he said. But, yoona didn’t give up. She tried hard to start a long conversation with him.

“Do you know why I love this novel? It’s because it gives me inspiration about becoming someone better. For example, the hero of this novel, Henry who was very poor at the beginning became so rich after he sold his paintings. He was very hardworking. I really love his character!” Il Jun listened to every word she said. It was like a music to his ears. He didn’t know why.

“That’s the main reason why I read this novel.” Il Jun said softly under his breathe.

“Excuse me? Did you say something?”




“So, till we meet again! Bye!” Taeyeon bid goodbye to everyone before she left. Il Jun was about to leave when Yoona called him.

“Umm.. Can I.. Have your.. Uh.. Phone number?” she bit her bottom lip. She was very nervous. Beads of cold sweat formed on her forehead.

“Il Jun doesn’t have a phone.” Seok Hoon replied. Yoona paused for a moment.

“Uhh. Okay then. See you next time. Bye, Il Jun!”



Yoona was walking alone along the path in the park. Her bodyguards were not with her at that moment because she wanted to have some privacy and peace to finish her assignments. She was carelessly holding the heavy bag with a laptop, some documents and an iPad in it. Without her knowing, someone was targeting her bag. That someone was just waiting for the right time to snatch it and she was practially begging for someone to take the bag away by holding it carelessly. Without wasting any time, a young boy around 17 years old ran and quickly snatched that bag of hers. Yoona was so shocked that she fell and hurt her right knee.

Fortunately, Il Jun who was heading home, saw her. He quickly crossed the busy road and helped Yoona.

“Are you okay, Yoona ssi?” he asked. He saw her bleeding knee.

“I’m fine but.. My Bag! Someone took my bag!” Yoona was in verge of tears. She couldn’t imagine how mad her lecturer would be if she didn’t hand in the documents on time.

“What’s inside your bag?”

“My laptop, iPad and my documents. I don’t care about the laptop and iPad but my documents.. I need to submit it by tomorrow! How am I going to do it again with less than 15 hours left?”

“Is she nuts?” Il Jun thought. To be honest, if Il Jun was in her situation, he would probably thought about all of them ; Laptop, iPad, documents as it was not easy for Il Jun to have it. Yes! This is the difference between the poor and the rich.

“Il Jun Ssi. Eottokke?” Yoona seems worried. But then Il Jun calmed her.

“It’s ok Yoona Ssi. Let’s do it.. Together.” Il Jun lifted her bridal style. At that time, he knew Yoona could be his first step to achieve his dream.. Probably.. If Yoona loves him.

Yoona looked at Il Jun. Her heart was beating faster than ever. Il Jun brought Yoona to his house. Seok Hoon looked panic when he saw blood on Yoona’s knee.

“What happened?” Il Jun quickly grabbed his first-aid.

“Nothing. I just fell on my way home.” Said Yoona.

“You should be more careful.” Replied Seok Hoon. Yoona nodded her head, with agreement.

Il Jun put antiseptic then plastered the wound. Yoona endured the pain.


“Thank you, Il Jun Ssi. I can’t imagine if you are not there. Once again, thank you.”

“It’s ok.”

Yoona spent most of her time with Seok Hoon and Il Jun ; completing her work. She tesxted her appa to inform him that she was with her friends finishing their assignment, so no need to worry about dinner as she already ate with them.

“Ahhhhh! Finally!” Yoona relieved. Seok Hoon clapped happily.

“I really appreciate your help today, Lee Seok Hoon Ssi and of course you, Kim Il Jun Ssi.” Il Jun just nodded his head, once. Il Jun got up and went straight away to his room.

“I hope you don’t mind him. He's always like that. That’s his personality.” Seok Hoon explained.

“Ne. Seok Hoon ssi. Can I ask you something?”


“Is Il Jun from a poor family?” yoona asked with hesitant.

“Well.. actually.. yes!”

“So, that’s why he doesn’t have a phone.” Yoona thought. She said goodbye, thanked for the meal and left the house. She looked at Il Jun’s bedroom through window. She smiled brightly.



Yoona P.O.V :

I don’t know how to express my feeling right now. His personality, his background is just like a magnet to me. I don’t know why I was so anxious about him but what I do know is he is like my guardian angel. Hehehe. Wait? Did I just say ‘my’ guarding angel? See? He drives me crazy! Arghhhh! I’m just hoping this is not love and it is too early for me to say it is a LOVE!


End of P.O.V






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