One More Chance




The sun rose.  Il jun woke up as early as usual. He got up and went straight away to the toilet. He brushed his teeth and took a bath, ready to go to school. Once completed, he continued to the kitchen and prepared some breakfast for his dad and himself. Unfortunately, there was only a piece of bread left. He kept the bread for his father ; it doesn’t matter, he could tie his appetite .

Before he left, he left a letter on the side of the dish :


“Abuji.  I'm off to school. I have prepared the breakfast. Don’t worry about me. I have eaten.
Lee Il Jun.”


He looked at the shoes that he wore ; torn. It’s ok, whether it is torn or not, as long as he still can go to school and tried his best to change his life soon. As soon as he arrived, the school became noisy ; like a cackle of crows. A group of students began to surround him.




~SORRY for using him as antagonist character



“Il jun-a. Come here.” one of the students called his name ; Yongguk . Il jun keep walking.

“Yaaa rubbish collector. Oppss. I mean, pooooooor son.” Il jun stopped. Clenched his fist. Yongguk walked towards Il Jun.

“When I called out your name..”

“RESPOND!” Yongguk punched Il jun’s face. Il jun fell down. Il Jun looked angry. But he tried to control his anger, in order to walk away safely. It is impossible for him to beat them. But then, the fight stopped. A beautiful lady pushed Yongguk’s body and straight away grabbed Il Jun hands. She is Yoon Eun Hye, Il Jun’s one and only friend whom willing to be his friend.

“Il Jun. Kwenchana? Are you hurt?”


“Let’s go.”

“Eun hye-a!” Yongguk shouted out eun hye name.

“Leave him, Yongguk! Stop fighting!” said eun hye.

“Why should I?” Yongguk replied.

“For the sake of your parents, can’t you stop fighting? Do you want to see my father again? Do you?” asked eun hye. Yes! Eun Hye is a daughter of the headmaster of the school. However, Yongguk stil didn't gave up  .

“Eun Hye-a. What doyou see in him? Poor. Even, he can't even pay his school fee. He should not be protected.”

“At least he's not someone bad like you, Yongguk-a. Come Il Jun. Ignore them.” Il jun nodded his head.  Yes. That’s Il Jun whom always being bullied by his schoolmates.  Luckily, there was Eun Hye who always helped him. She will share his food with him. Not only that, she also helped him financially ; collect money to pay Il Jun school fees.

“Komawo, Eun Hye-a.”

“It’s ok Il Jun. We’re friends, right?” Il jun smiled brightly. Thanks to Eun Hye.

In class, Il Jun was an active student. He was teacher's pet. He always scored in every subject.  Focus, study, doing revision ; no doubt he was an intelligent boy. Books are always in his grip. Yet, he only had one dream ; to have money and power so that he would never have bow to anyone.  He had suffer enough with his life. In order to achieve his dream, he needs to work hard to obtain something and sacrifice from now on.

Il jun went home.

“Abuji. I’m back.”

“ooh. Il jun-a. Have you eaten?”


“That’s good. I’m sorry. I could only afford this for our dinner.” His father showed him a bowl of anchovies.

“it’s ok abuji. I’ll eat later.” Il Jun put his bag on the bed. He changed his clothe. And fell asleep. But then, he woke up from his sleep due to a knock on the door.  Il Jun opened the door. It’s the landlord, asked for the rent.

“Where is your father?”

“he’s working.”

“Tell him, I will come back. If he still couldn’t pay the rent, both of you should pack your bags and get out of this house. This is my last warning. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Il jun closed the door. Take a deep breath. What can he do? If only money was easy to find. He took his house keys and went for a walk.

“What job can I do now? Washing cars?” He kicked the stone on the road and accidently he saw his father. He waved his arms so that his father would notice him.

“Abuuu..” he immediately stopped. His father was trying to steal a purse in a woman’s handbag. He turned back as if he didn’t see anything. He ran as fast as he could.  He was angry but then he knew, his father needed to do so.  

He went home.

“Il Jun” that soothing voice. He knew that voice. He turned his body.

“Why are you here, eun hye-a?” he asked her with hesitant.

“Can we talk for a moment?”

“Sure. Why not.”Suddenly, eun hye hugged him. Her eyes started to water.

“Eun Hye-a.”

“I’m sorry, il jun.”

“For what?” Eun hye step backward and wiped her tears. Nothing could explain her feelings right now. If only she could have one more chance. She would do anything. Eun hye took a deep breath and organized her words. She tried to tell Il Jun the truth.

“My father just got an offer to be a principal at a new school. And….. we’ll be moving by tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last day, il jun.” eun hye cried. Il Jun was speechless but still, he tried to act cool. He smiled brightly as it nothing happened.

“It’s ok eun hye-a. We’re still friends, right?”

“How about you?”

“Me? There's no point of being with me, eun hye-a. I’ll be just fine. No need to be worry. I’m not a baby. I am already fifteen. I can survive. It’s ok. Just go. I’ll be just fine, eun hye-a. Believe me.” Il jun hold eun hye shoulder.

“Would you mind walking with me for the last time?” asked Il Jun.

“I’ll make sure this is not our last, Il Jun. No! I’ll be back.”

“Ok ok.” Il jun nodded his head.

They played together at the playground. For a moment, they forgot about eun hye moving away as they were too happy playing together.

“Aaaaaaa. Il jun-aaaaa. Push harder.” Eun Hye shouted as Il Jun pushed her on the swing. After a few moments, they left because it was already dark.




Right after the school bell rang, Il Jun quickly ran towards the gate to find eun hye. He wanted to bid goodbye and give her a handmade present. It didn’t took it long to find her because she was taller than most of the students.

“Eun Hye-a.” Il Jun shouted. Eun Hye quickly turned around when she heard the familiar voice. Her lips turned into a smile.

“Ooh. Il jun. You finally came.”

“This is for you, Eun Hye-a. It may not be expensive but is from my deepest heart.” He gave her the present.  She was touched with his present. A tear escaped her eyes.

“Don’t cry. Till we meet again. Don’t forget about me. Bye.” Il jun leaved the area with a heavy heart. 



Eun Hye P.O.V :

Il Jun. Maybe fate is not on our side right now, but I do believe every cloud has a silver lining. All the memories between us will be kept safely in my mind. I will always cherish our moments together. Thanks for being a good friend and listener to me when I need a shoulder to cry on. Il-jun. I actually have something to say to you but I'm afraid you are not ready to hear it....





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and, thanks to Sya Aina for helping me ; also credit to BDA!

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