The Summer Cafe


Baekhyun just graduated and he was bored. He's going to Canada where his parents is after three months. And he wants to enjoy his last days in Korea. So he then decides to look for a job. To look for at least something to do. Then he saw The Summer Cafe (Its named like that because Suho thought of it on a warm sunny day with Kris) and it just changed everything.

LOL AND HAI GUIZE. Told ya i would rewrite it. I also changed the plot, the main pairing and the main.. character ._. I also made it a crackfic BECAUSE I WANT TO. I FEEL WEIRD AND RANDOM AND HAPPY AND CRAZY lol yeah. MY HEART ISN'T BEATING ANYMORE.. Lol wth am i saying i dont even know what i'm saying anymore TAKE ME TO THE MENTAL HOSPITAL. OTL. *DEAD* Well anyway hope you like it =3=..

|The Summer Cafe OST|

  1. My Heart Is Beating - K.Will
  2. Love Hate - F(x)
  3. Its Me - Sunny and Luna
  4. Lovely Day - Park Shin Hye
  5. Its First Love - IU
  6. Descend From The Sky - Oh Won Bin ft. Miss $
  7. Appear - Kim Bum Soo
  8. Marshmallow - IU
  9. Love Of A Friend - Ukiss

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|C H A R A C T E R S|



Byun Baekhyun - The Tsundere

Kind and well a bit innocent and oblivious. Pretends that he doesn't like
Chanyeol being sweet to him when actually he likes it very much. He likes it
as much as he likes bacon and ice cream. And sweets. 

Park Chanyeol - The cute guy who creeps

He is a cute guy who creeps. Well not really creeps. But they just think
he's creepy because he pops out of nowhere often. He loves Baekhyun very much.

Do Kyungsoo - Eomma

Shy at first but when you get to know him, he's very
funny and noisy. He actually has feelings for Jongin but he
hides it because he's shy. 


Kim Jongin (Kai)  - The bad boy

He's very noisy and funny. And let's just say he's the baddest of them all.
Not bad as in mean or something but bad like.. Hard to explain e_e and well
everyone likes him for being like that. He loves Kyungsoo and he shows it to him
very well.


Kim Minseok (Xiumin) (Bao Zi) - The most un-innocent

He's kind but scary when he gets angry. He is very strong, in fact stronger
than Wu Fan. They get scared.. well except Wu Fan.. at him whenever he's angry.
He secretly likes Suho.



Kris Wu - The poker face guy. Youmeanface

( He's also Wu Fan ) He always has a poker face well more like face actually making
people a bit scared at him. The only person who doesn't get scared at him is Baekhyun.And
actually, he's more like the boss. He secretly likes Baekhyun.


Kim Joon Myeon (Suho) - The innocent angelic boss

By innocent, i mean innocent. He is very innocent though he's one of
the oldest. He's like an angel with an angel smile and everyone is afraid of hurting
physically and emotionally. He secretly likes Kris.


Oh Sehun - The shy boy

The real shy boy. Well actually he's random and crazy and noisy when you
get to know him. Just like Kyungsoo. Well he's crazier than Kyungsoo. He also
has a mind of a ten year old kid. saysLuhan. 
He likes Luhan.

Xi Luhan - The guy who likes to troll

This guy looks innocent with his baby face but he's actually the guy who loves to troll and
prank the others. He's random and crazy. More random and crazier than Sehun. He likes Sehun.


Kim Jong Dae (Chen) - The guy who loves to troll

This guy loves to troll. He actually has secret feelings for the baozi and
he doesn't let anyone know about it and its not obvious as well.

Baekhyun likes Chanyeol, Chanyeol likes Baekhyun, Kyungsoo likes Kai, Kai likes Kyungsoo, Xiumin likes Suho, Suho likes Kris, Kris likes Baekhyun, Sehun likes Luhan, Luhan likes Sehun, Chen likes Xiumin. 
But in the end, everyone will be happy so no worries~

You'll see their full personalities once you read so better read it so you'll see how CRAZEH they are =w=.
Well anyway, hope chu all would like it! Read, comment, subscribe and vote~ Thank you very much peopurr! OUO.

There might be some sad parts here though..


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