Jonghyun's plan - fail

My Girlfriend is a Ghost

"Hyung, help me see which lines are the best." Jonghyun asked.

"SeKyung ah, you are like the candle light in the darkness, the star in a completely dark night, the lighthouse in the sea--"

"Next! Too cheesy.." Onew commented.

"Oh. Okay." Jonghyun flipped to the second page of his notebook. "Babe. Let's book a room tonight--"

"NEXT!! You'll scare her off! I don't think you have the guts to do it either.." Key scoffed.

"Okay okay. This is the last one!" Jonghyun wailed desperately. "Honey, I really love you a lot."

"Now that's a good beginning.." Onew commented, pleased.

"Oh yeah?" Jonghyun asked, obviously pleased his ideas were accepted for once. "My heart really desires you. My arms yearn to hug you. My lips wants to kiss you. I know this is sudden, but can I please kiss you?"

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Minho asked frustratedly. "It's the worst out of the three! Even though I've never dated, it doesn't take experience to tell that was really bad! Right Taemin?"

"Yeah!" Taemin nodded, his large eyes widened in disgust.

"See? Even our maknae says so!" Minho scoffed.

"Yeobo ah, even though you're my yeobo, but.. Seriously.. THAT !!" Key spat. "What the hell was that? Why would it be sudden if you kissed her after dating for 5 months? It's the year 2011 now dear sir if you haven't noticed, why would anyone ask permission to kiss? Just kiss her if the mood was right!"

"But what if she doesn't like it?" Jonghyun wailed in defeat.

"Then she doesn't like you!" Onew screamed. "If she likes you, she'd be happy you'll want to kiss her! I'm not surprised if she doubts your love for her! Who wouldn't if their boyfriends haven't kissed them in 5 months of dating!"

Jonghyun ruffled his hair frustratedly and sighed.


Jonghyun took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

Breath in. Breath out.

You can do this Jonghyun.

He glanced at his notes once more:

1. DO NOT ask permission to kiss

2. Look into her eyes deeply

3. Kiss when the mood is right

4. Don't talk too much

5. Especially about finance

*Looks like it's gonna rain..* Jonghyun observed. *I should fetch an umbrella.*

Jonghyun started walking but stopped a few steps after.

*Isn't it more romantic to kiss in the rain? Just like in Mischievous Kiss! I should learn from Hyun Joong Hyung!*

Jonghyun made his way back to the meeting place.

5 minutes before meeting time.

8.00 pm : the meeting time.

8.05 pm...

8.15 pm...

8.40 pm...

No sign of SeKyung.

Noona neomu yeppeo michyeo
Replay replay replay--

Jonghyun listened to SeKyung's ringtone for the nth time.

*Why isn't she picking up?*

This time, the rain had already started pouring and there were flashes of lightning.

Jonghyun slumped on the ground in the shelter. Suddenly...

Her whisper is the lucifer!

"Yeomseyo? SeKyung ah why didn't you pick up!" Jonghyun asked anxiously.

"Mianhe Oppa," she panted. "I was.. *huff huff* busy.. It's raining now.. Let's *huff huff* meet up another day. Sorry Oppa."

"Okay then. Bye SeKyung." Jonghyun ended the call.

*So much for losing my first kiss*


How's it? Huh Huh?

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whowhowho #1
I need to re-read this amazing story after such a sad period of time. Want to remember the past carefree SHINee
It's a sad day for shinee and shawls and I remembered this story so I decided to reread this
#RestInPeaceJonghyun #YouWillBeMissedGreatly
Chapter 78: is so nice story!!!!
Chapter 79: Since my first time reading this story felt like forever, I decided to reread this again!!!!!!
Chapter 79: I love this story! Its so sweet and so interesting. Truthfully, when I read a story, I would just smile when something is funny, or sweet and else. But this story, makes me smile, laugh( really. I laughed a lot haha) sad. Haha good job author. Going to read the sequel now!
roseheartbookie #7
Chapter 54: You named her mom Gu Miho. Wow.
parkminrin98 #8
Chapter 79: I lovess this!! Though jonghyun is not my bias but still he is shinee duuhh,, the first group brings me into the kpop world hahahahah yuppp you heard me,, I heard their song ring ding dong when I was 9 years old if im not mistaken ,and now I am 18 years old hahahaha
Starttttttt. <3
Chapter 79: How cute>< so happy lee soo man got arrested even i like lee soo man... but I prefer sm's ceo, kim young min...haha anyway for some reason some parts of your story kind of remind me of oh my ghostess xD