His favorite color is...

Favorite Color

_______ stared at the card.


"What is your crush's favorite color?" She read aloud.


She bit her lips in anxiety.


'Damn, this is so hard.' She continued staring at the card she just drew out.


"So, __________, what's HIS favorite color?"


______ blushed. Her friends knew about her unrequited love for Jang Hyunseung.


"I... I don't know..." She whispered, embarassed.


"Bwoh?!?! How can you not know?! You're like stalking him 25/7!!!" That wasn't a typo. She WAS stalking him a bit too much.


"Yeah, and you even tear a few pages of his notebook every effin' day to keep as a souvenir!" Her friends laughed. She blushed a few more shades of red.


"And remember the time when he almost went crazy looking for his physics exam paper?!? _______ actually kept the paper and didn't return it to him!!!"


"Aigoo... Stop talking about it..." ________ pouted.


"Omo~ So cute, __________-yah~" One of her friends pinched her cheek.


"So how come you don't know what his favorite color is???" Minzy, her best friend, asked.




"Maybe you weren't stalking him enough!" Dara declared.


"No! Maybe she just needs to be more aggressive. She needs to talk to him more!" Bom said.


"Yeah, go talk to him often! Charm him with your sweet smiles that you use to seduce Dongwoon!" Dara giggled.


"I'm not seducing Dongwoon!!!" She yelled.


"But the boy is head over heels in love with you, sweetie." Chaerin teased.


"I didn't do anything..." She pouted so more.


"Ara, ara. You're just being your charming self, we know that, _______-yah." Bom patted _______'s head.


"Alright, so how about we guess what Hyunseung's favorite color is?" Sulli asked.


"I bet it's purple." Minzy giggled.


"Bwoh???" Suli questioned.


"I mean, purple looks good on him!"


"Doesn't mean that it's his favorite color, though." Chaerin said.


All of the girls including ______ shook their heads.


"How about black? Everybody loves black!" Dara suggested.


"Not me." Sulli disagreed.


They all got silent.


"Ah!" Dara yelled as if she had a brilliant idea. "Blue!!! I often see Hyunnie wear blue!"


The other girls nodded.


"So it's... blue?" ______ asked.


"Probably. But what if he likes... pink?"




"Nah~ Pink looks good on men but I don't think that that's Hyunseungie's favorite."


"Green, maybe?" ______ suggested.


"Impossible!" All of them said.


"Wae? Green is... good."


"Nah. Don't suggest at all, ______-yah." Minzy said.


"So mean!!!" She crossed her arms. "Then... red?"


"I'll go with blue." Minzy said, ignoring __________ (Minzy so mean).


"Yeah, blue."


And everyone decided that Hyunnie's favorite color is blue.


[the next day]


"Oppa~" _________ chirped and gracefully ran towrds Hyunseung who was reading a book.


Hyunseung looked at her and she twirled around, showng off her blue dress.


"Oppa, what do you think of my dress?" She smiled brightly.


Hyunseung looked at it and thought for a while. "It's... pretty." Then, he went back to his book.


_________ was disappointed. That wasn't the reaction she was expecting from Hyunseung.


"But... Don't you like blue, oppa?"


"Well... so-so."


"It's not your favorite color?"


"Mmmm... Not really."


"Then, what IS your favorite?"


"Black." Ah, damn. Dara-uunie was right. "...And white."


"Eh? Black and white?"


Hyunseung nodded. "Oh." _______ nodded in realization. "Okay~ I gotta go, bye!!!"


[after an hour]




Hyunseung was drinking coffee as he waved his had at _________, acknowledging her.


"Oppa, Bom-unnie let me borrow a dress." ________ twirled around. "See?"


"Yeah. It's pretty."


"Do you like it?"


"Yeah. As I've said, it's pretty." Hyunseung gave a slight smile.


"But you said the blue dress was pretty, too!"


"They're both pretty."


"But this is prettier, right? I mean, it's black."


"Yes. But they're the same. Both are very pretty. Both dresses look good on you." Hyunnie sipped on his cup of coffee.


________ pouted. "I... gotta go. Thanks~" She tried to smile, disappointed.


[the next day]


_______ sighed. She hated going to school. She was sloppily walking in the hallway when someone called her from behind.




She turned around and saw Hyunseung with a bright smile on his face.


"O-Oppa!!!" She was surprised.


"_________, I love what you're wearing." Hyunnie gave a heart-melting smile.


________'s heart got wild, like it was about to jump off her ribcage.


"B-but it's just school uniform!"


"Yes... And it's black and white."


"E-eh?" She hadn't thought of that before.


"Have I told you before that you look really beautiful wearing the school uniform?"


________ blushed.


"And that's actually why I like black and white." Hyunseung gave her a peck on the cheek and winked at her before he went ahead towards his classroom.


______ was speechless as she touched her cheek kissed by Hyunnie.


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