Debut Soon, Okay?

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The day has finally come.

The day of EXO-K's debut.

Kai feels as if he's waited his whole life for this day.

He knows that whatever happens will change his life forever.

He also knows that his best friend Taemin is performing with SHINee today too.

What he doesn't suspect, however, is that today would be the day that love finds it's way into his heart for the first time. 

Kai soon finds that this day changes his life more than he could ever have hoped to imagine.



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A/N: Yeh..this was supposed to be a oneshot....



I know, I know.

 This was supposed to be a short warm-up excersise to get  me into the swing of writing again.

What can I say?
I love TaeKai <3


I don't think this fic will be too long, certainly not more than 10 chapters

(is it even possible to drag one day out to 10 chapters?? i wouldn't put it past me :P)


Thank You and Good Day! (or Night)

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Chapter 8: The ending is freaking hilarious I'm dying right now HAHAHAHA XDD i wouldn't had expected an ending like this after reading the previous 7 chapters, so this was a really nice surprise~
Chapter 8: hahahahaha xD the ending is amazing!!!!! xD
HaeHyuk-2min-HunHan #3
XD the last chapter had me crying I was laughing so hard.
All four of them just standing there staring at each other then kai just saying 'we won't tell if you don't' lmao.
-incoherent mumbling- XDD
Piggybunny3 #4
Chapter 8: x'DDD The final Chapter made me laugh so hard
Taekai <3

"we won't tell if you don't" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Awesome ENDING ~~~~~~~~
taekai69 #5
Chapter 8: Omg hdhdhdhxhehdghdgdh♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥taekai TAEKAIIII
Chapter 8: hahahhaha!!!!! OMG!!!! LMAO!!!! I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!! HAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! KEY AT THE END...LMAO!!! Ahhh my taekai <3 and JongKey~~ my two fav otp <3
Chapter 8: lol jongkeyyy <3
Chapter 1: Oh NO!!!! More fluffyness please <3
Chapter 8: ahahahhahaha~ LMAO
too much fluff.. kyaaaaa~ ♥♥♥ i love it
and the final chap killed me... i laughed so hard
Aughtor-nim, thanks~ ♥
Chapter 8: jajajajajajaja I can´t ever remember when was the last time a have laughed this hard before! I love your story!!
Please, Please continuo with it!
I loved it I absolutly loved it!! <3 <3