Chapter 1

Debut Soon, Okay?
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They were all huddled in a corner of their changing room backstage at Inkigayo waiting to be called on.
Nobody was saying much, everyone was too busy trying to calm their nerves.
After all the years of training they were finally debuting as EXO-K. 

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were whispering lyrics quietly together for the umpteenth time to make absolutely sure that they wouldn’t forget them.
Sehun was staring at the floor without blinking.
Kyungsoo was giddily chattering to Suho. Kai could hear him asking:

 ‘are you absolutely positive that we can’t sing live?’

To which Suho replied while tugging a hand through his hair ‘Kyungsoo, we’ve been over this a hundred times. The company doesn’t want us to sing live on our debut performance. We don’t have a choice.’
His expression softened a little ‘We’ll have plenty of opportunities to sing live later ok? Manager-hyung told us that, remember?’

For a moment Kyungsoo looked like he was going to argue back but just replied with an ‘ok’ and fell silent again. Kai stifled a smile, he knew for a fact that Kyungsoo was eager to show off his vocal abilities as soon as possible. He had also confessed to him earlier that he was worried that the fans might think that miming on a debut stage was a bit of a cop- out.

 Kai wasn’t worried about that though. He was currently pacing backwards and forwards in front of his band mates. To tell the truth, he was worried about the image of him that SM had painted and whether he could keep it up or not. When Manager-hyung had initially shown him their plan for promoting him, even Kai himself thought it was a little excessive. He was barely a teenager for heaven’s sake! How did they expect him to carry all this responsibility?

His thoughts were interrupted as a soft knock on the door was heard. ‘Can I come in?’
Kai didn’t even bother to hide his grin this time as he rushed to the door to open it.

‘Taemin-hyung!’ he flung his arms around him.

‘Yah! Be careful Jongin, you’ll mess up our costumes.’
He laughed as he moved to untwine himself from Kai. Kai stepped back and took a look at Taemin.

‘No hair extensions today Hyung? Good, I don’t like it when you look like a girl.’ He stuck his tongue out. Taemin narrowed his eyes playfully.
‘Don’t laugh! You know I don’t like wearing those things, they’re all itchy and in the way. But the noonas love it. It’s not my fault that so many noonas are in love with my beautiful face.’ he batted his eyelashes in a sickeningly sweet attempt at aegyo.
Kai snorted ‘Whatever you say, Taemin-noona’ he snickered.
‘Yah!’ Taemin chased him around the room. Kai dodged around the dressing table and almost ran into Suho, who was more than a little unhappy about this.

‘Right that’s it, I’ve had enough! If you want to carry on like this, then do it in the corridor. Go on, out! The pair of you!’    

The scolded duo made their way into the corridor, heads hung. They stood in silence for a minute before simultaneously bursting out in laughter. Still chuckling, Taemin turned to face Kai with a glowing smile on his face.

‘I’ve missed you Kkamjongie, or should I say Kai.’ He smiled proudly.

Kai felt a warmth spread in his chest as he heard the note of pride in Taemin’s voice.

‘I missed you too Taemin……..noona’ he ducked as Taemin started to smack his back repeatedly.

‘Kim Jongin! I am trying to be serious here! Stop making fun of me! I’m not even wearing the damn extensions today!’

Taemin started tickling him and Kai fell about giggling. One of his favourite things to do in the world was wind up Taemin.

‘You can’t..HAHAHAHA!…you can’t…YAH-TAEMIN-STOP!...You can’t fool me!’ Kai panted, finally managing to get the sentence out. Taemin stopped his administrations. They were both sitting on the floor by now.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Pretending to get all pissy because I’m calling you a girl’ Kai let out one of his evil smirks ‘the real reason you’re so pissed off is obvious.’

‘..and that is?’

‘If I start calling you Taemin-noona then who will call you ‘hyung’, Baby-maknae?’


‘You can’t hide it from me, I see how your face lights up every time I say ‘hyung’. It feels good not having to be the cute baby of the group when I’m around, right?’ Kai snickered again.

Taemin said nothing as he pouted leaning against the wall.
‘Aigoooo, petty that even around his dongsaeng the ‘hyung’ still looks like the baby-maknae’ he said as he pinched Taemin’s cheeks.

Taemin rolled his eyes and said ‘Get off me Jongin’ but Kai could see a hint of a smile playing on his mouth . 


A/N: Sorry Its so short!
The cut off point is a bit awkward in this chapter just because i originally wrote this as a oneshot.
But then it got ridiculously long.
Don't worry, it's much better in the later chapters.

I hope you like it! 

I have to be honest, I've reeeeally enjoyed writing this fic so far :D

Have a nice day people <3



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