Tao needed a job to help his older siblings back in China. His best friend Baekhyun told him about a job opening that his boyfriend told him about, but the thing is, it is a nanny job.




"I'll take it." Tao said with confidence.

"But Tao…it's a nanny job…I know you need the money, but…you know…the job is typically for women --"

"I don't care! I have to help Luhan and Yixing…I need this." Tao pleaded.

Baekhyun nodded and wrote down some information on a piece of napkin.

"I'll tell Chanyeol to take you to his house." He passed the paper to Tao. "I have to warn you though…from Chanyeol he told me that he is really strict…apathetic…and his kid is sometimes a problem." He clicked his pen closed.

"I'll get over it." Tao said without even looking at his best friend.

'Nanny huh?'


--- (TAORIS) --- (TAORIS) --- (TAORIS) ---

fluffy, comedy

main: taoris

supporting: OC child: Yitao; EXO; multi-kpop stars

inspired by: a philippine drama - Be Careful With My Heart - of course it isnt based exactly like the story line, just inspired. It is really cute too! the main characters Maya and Sir Chief >U< so freakin' cute. LOL anyway ^^




I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, for the feature. I seriously cannot believe that my story got featured. I just remember checking his morning, and I recieved 2 comments on .nanny., 1 comment saying 'congrats', and here I am, thinking, 'what do they mean by congrats? I didn't do anything.' I was pretty much like this:

And the 2nd comment was: 'congradualtions on the feature.' Then the more I was like: 'what feature?' So, I checked on my mom's ipad, since I couldnt figure out to see the main page on my phone. And what do I see? My fic, .nanny., on the front page. Really, I was like this:

I thought it was my eyes playing with me. I was really surprised, but I am thankful.

Honestly, I didn't think it was good enough to be able to have a place in the front page. I remember when I was starting this whole writing thing, I was just happy that my fics were being read and being subscribed. Now seeing that it was featured, It made me even more happy. During the .nanny. era (lol) I was always excited to update this fic. I enjoyed people's comments and their support.

Like I said, I'm not a writer, but I enjoy telling stories. So thank you to all that have been there from the beginning, and thank you to the new readers as well. I can't express enough how much I am thankful for this. ^ - ^ Even though it may not mean much to other people or this is just some little recognition I guess that will be blown off after awhile, but to me, it felt like as if I won the Oscar or something. A gold metal xD

Thank you!!

Much Love, CoffeeMilk~

ps: February 04 is Yitao's Birthday - mentioned in the fic. lol how cool is that? It was featured on the day of Yitao's birthday(:


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I was told on June 19th 2014 that .nanny. was suggested by an awesome reader to EXO Stories here on AFF [x] (; v ;) im #115 (: Thank you!

[nanny fic] Baekyeol demands ice cream. ice cream! ice cream!!

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