` ❋ ( u t s u k u s h i i ) 美しい ↷ layouts. ┊closed.









  rule one  if you're using any of my layouts, don't touch the credits.
   rule two  don't steal any part of my layout, or base yours over mine.
   rule three  the password's the word bubblegum in the anything else section.
   rule four  bashing of any layout would cause you to be banned.
   rule five  you cannot request for the same layout at any other shop.
   rule six  opinions about the layout are welcomed.

   request  private message me the form. any other way will be ignored.
   use  private message me which layout you'd like to use.


           form        request        use


   h e a d t u r n e r  featuring lee tae min
   d a y b r e a k  featuring yu kanda
   y e s  m y  l o r d  featuring sebastian michaelis
   j o k e r  featuring kim jong in
   i c e  c r e a m  featuring kim hyeon ah
   c o t t o n  c a n d y  featuring lee ju yeon
   d o e  e y e d  featuring im yun ah
   a r g e n t é  featuring lee ji hyeon
   a d o r a b l e  featuring marius yo
   p i n k & y e l l o w featuring natsu + lucy
   n i l l i l i m a m b o featuring block b
   o h a n a featuring stitch
   m i r i f i c  shop recommendation
   j u b i l e e  featuring carnivals
   h e y g o r g e o u s  featuring wu yi fan
   l y r i c a l  story layout
   a l i v e  featuring kwon ji yong
   i n t o x i c a t e d  featuring kim jong hyeon
   t h e p o w e r o f t w o  featuring the jo twins







you know, it's great that you enjoy my layouts, but please, don't take a layout and use it in your store. it's downright disgusting.

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Chapter 10: may i have the code for pink & yellow? ^^
Chapter 8: can i have the code for
` ❋ ( a r g e n t é ) ↷featuring lee ji hyeon
Chapter 8: can i have the code for ` ❋ ( a r g e n t é ) ↷featuring lee ji hyeon.
Chapter 1: can I have code for ( h e a d t u r n e r ) ↷featuring lee taemin
mochae #5
Chapter 20: omg, my name is up there. /shot
nooooooooooooo! wae? wae does this
have to happen so soon? we'll miss
you badly :'c please, don't go.
otherwise you'll not get to see
my cutesy emoticons anymore &
i'll cry silently to death!
seriously..... no. :'c this is
just too precious to let go of.
your layout shop was ( & still is )
one of the best on aff. hope you'll re-open.
/throws hearts too; slapped ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Chapter 20: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????? D; D; D;
wae wae wae wae wae wae wae wae wae wa....e /until 1000 times /slapped

why you closed this gorgeous, amazing, awesome, pretty, cool, and beautiful layout shop??!! ;A;

this is the most layout shop I like in AFF! TAT

hhhhhh, oh well, I can't do anything. This is your choice. :")
perhaps you'll open another layout shop??? /puppy eyes /shot
Chapter 20: whaaaaaaaaat your layout shop was srsly one of the best, if not the best, that i've ever seen on aff. o - 3 - o should have never lurked LOL
Chapter 20: omg pleaaase don't go ;_;
this is too precious.
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 20: whattt?
at least make my layout! /slapped
lol xD
i hope you'll reopenn >.<
insouciant #10
Chapter 20: < //////////////////////////////// 3