What You Want


Be careful of what you wish for. It might just happen.

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82 streak #1
Chapter 3: Don't be Insecure about yourself Soo... You have beautiful Eyes...❤❤❤
82 streak #2
Chapter 2: U seriously need lots of lot money Sehun...;-);-);-)
82 streak #3
Chapter 1: Forgotten First Love... It's sweet and cute...❤❤❤
Chapter 2: I feel like i've read this before. on lj?
MetalicHA #5
Chapter 3: AAAAAA ITS SOOO FLUFFYYYYYYY SOOOO SOOO GOOOD!!!! thank u for writing this masterpiece authornim!!
1aayat4 15 streak #6
Chapter 3: Awww these stories are too good to be true
galuli #7
Chapter 3: 3 wishes came true. Welldone author nim. So in love with the story
So well written. So neat. I like first one most. Chanyeol<3Chanbaek
Chapter 3: This story is amazing, it's so short but it's still able to convey so much feelings o; <33
def wish it was longer, i cant get enough... >w<
Jellyjay #10
Chapter 3: These ffs deserve clap clap <3 i have a sweet tooth