» would the wind still whisper if no one would hear «
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So, welcome you ! You are here to view my amazing story, right? Yes you are, although you might still be unaware of it. Well, let me warn you: this is not your mainstream story, no plot twists and love triangles cannot be found here because this is WINDSONG ICONS. A place where I post my icons, avatars and other related graphics. You can find loads of icons here, as well bases - so you can edit them yourself - but mostly icons I've already edited. Do not forget to subscribe or leave a message ;3 Enjoy my wonderful babies ~
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As you might have expected, there are some rules, guidelines and notices. So I would like to advice you to carefully read them before asking the obvious /wink/ The most important is probably that I do not own the original photos, so yes all the credit goes out to the owner. Please contact me if I used one of your photos and you would like to be credited or have it removed. Second is that I do claim the graphics as mine. Why? Because I put lots of efforts and time in them, that is why. The icons are only for personal use and I would like to be credited by use on large scaled. Personal use: MSN, AIM, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, forums, AFF and so on. Do not re-upload them and by that I mean, claiming them as your own by using your own host. You are of course (gladly) allowed to re-upload them for your own site, as long as you do not claim them as yours. I will seriously haunt you if you do not follow the rules. And last but not least: I do not bite, so don't be afraid to ask anything, teehee :3
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And of course you can also request but I would like to inform you it is more like a suggestion than an actual request. This is because I do not make personal icons and graphics unless stated so below in the special part. The icons I make are thus for accessible for everyone around here: they are free to use. That is why I consider it more as a suggestion rather than a request. You can easily suggest by dropping a name in the comments below, I look at them every once in a while and when I finish some I comment. I do not take on all the suggestions as there are too much of them, but if there is a lot of demand of one person I will of course. Please only suggest Asian-related themes such as for example: people, dramas, movies, pictures, anime, manga, art, views, words, songs and whatever you can think of as Asia.
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At the moment I do not take on personal request, my apologies. Please come back later.
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By reading further (the story), you agree with the rules above. Lots of love, Suzé n_n


061113; new layout


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Could you please make some of JR from Nu'est?
Or Zelo from B.A.P?
Can I use some scenery icons in making a personal layout in rpr? ^^
Chapter 2: DOOJOON <3
He's so awesome XDD
Chapter 17: Those are cute ^-^
I have a 'comment'
How about B2ST/Beast or F(x)
I'm such an addict by the way
Cute Icons ;3
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 12: These are pretty~ *_*

How did you make them?
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 11: Ahh!! G-dragon!!! You're good at making icons!
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 9: Thank you!!! Can I upload them in aff? The icons are very wow! Kamsamida!!
[deactivated] #9
Can I request for some Luhan icons please?