Mary's Giveaway Winners!

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Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEARS! ^___^ 

The giveaway is over and the winners have been selected =]


$75 winner = babybluebonny

$50 winner = luvINFINITE7

$25 winner = misa-misa

7500 karma points winner = YoseobIsMine

5000 karma points winner = Milky-chan

2500 karma points winner = MeganEve  (disqualified for advertising a different shop and submitting it as entries) aznawzmao

$20 winner or 2000 karma points winner = --eurynome


The dollar amounts are to Yesasia... if you have another online store you prefer, let me know ^_^ 

These are the winners and they are FINAL... I WILL NOT SELECT NEW WINNERS! you guys have one week to contact me. If I don't hear from you by January 7, 2013 Central Standard Time're prize will be null and void! 


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Requests are closed now! :3 Thank you for requesting, everyone!

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LoveYou12345678 #1
i really wish you would've continued huhu
KateChance #2
Can you accept a request please??
standupwheretogo #3
this story is not the best but okay
Chapter 3: ive read 2 fanfics and gone to the poster link because it was amazing so i could request a poster and its come back to this graphic shop and im so sad that its closed T^T why?
are you working at another graphic shop. its such a shame someone with so much talent isn't making posters anymore
Chapter 3: Whyyyyyy~~~~ *cries in the corner*

I made something inspired by your poster so I made it an inspiration. I think I need to tell you :--) I credited you~
OMG I'm too lateeeee!
I'm desperate
PLS OPENNNNNNN!!!! I want to request!!!!
[deactivated] #10
you really do good posters. geez. im hoping to find coders like you. can you suggest some ?