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Hey guys! I'm back! ;D

Unfortunately I come bearing bad news Dx 

After this batch of requests is posted I'll be closing this shop permanently. 

As I go through other graphic shops, I notice that their subscribers (some even subbed to my shop) leave those designers long affectionate comments expressing their gratitude and love etc etc for posters and i'm over here like.... .__. what about me? ...... the numbers of subscribers means nothing if I don't get any feedback and whatnot. Even Jewell noticed and mentioned something about it. It's depressing as heck. I'm not even lying. I'm spending hours and hours making these posters and the only reason i do so is so that i can make people happy and in order to know that said people are happy is by getting feedback. 

I don't want to sound whiny and whatnot but I decided that I'm done with being a pushover. You guys had me. Made me feel underappreciated. And now I'm gone. 

That being said..... I would like to thank everyone that supported me by commenting and what not. I really really really appreciate it!!! <3 I still remember the day I found out this shop was featured and being the first poster shop featured was extremely shocking but all the same exciting. I honestly feel like I owe you guys a lot and I still can't express my gratitude (I tried with the giveaway but yeah .... too bad I couldn't give all my subbers gifts <3) I might make a chapter of a "memories" kinda thing bahahah

I also wanna thank all my wonderful staff, especially jewell for doing an amazing job running this joint and keeping me in check when it came to approving requests bahahahha... i'm too easygoing xD 

Also.... I'll be opening a thread for just experimental work....(and I MAY take a few requests here and there ;D)


love always,


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Requests are closed now! :3 Thank you for requesting, everyone!

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LoveYou12345678 #1
i really wish you would've continued huhu
KateChance #2
Can you accept a request please??
standupwheretogo #3
this story is not the best but okay
Chapter 3: ive read 2 fanfics and gone to the poster link because it was amazing so i could request a poster and its come back to this graphic shop and im so sad that its closed T^T why?
are you working at another graphic shop. its such a shame someone with so much talent isn't making posters anymore
Chapter 3: Whyyyyyy~~~~ *cries in the corner*

I made something inspired by your poster so I made it an inspiration. I think I need to tell you :--) I credited you~
OMG I'm too lateeeee!
I'm desperate
PLS OPENNNNNNN!!!! I want to request!!!!
[deactivated] #10
you really do good posters. geez. im hoping to find coders like you. can you suggest some ?