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Just Pick Up Your True Love!
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"Tiffany ya!!!!!" Yuri pointed to Tiffany.



"Tiffany ya!!!!!! " Yuri shouted and pointed to Tiffany. Yuri is very excited now, she is one huge fans of Tiffany. She so excited that she can meet her idol, who is so close to her now, while unexpected.



"Yah!!! Jinja!!!" The tall shiksin whom stood beside Yuri, shocked with opened widen and eyes pop out, almost drop down from her.



"Daebak!!! Hwaaaaa!!" Two maknaes flattered. Their jaw droped.



"Wow!! She is pretty!! " The choding player murmur.



Not all the girls in the room is on exciting mode, but in confuses mode.



Jessica and Sunny looked at the tan girl with widen eyes. There get lots of question marks pop out on top of both girl's head, 



'Just now, Doesn't Taeng mentioned her name as 'Miyoung'??? Something wrong? N... Wat the head tis player said?! Desired to die?!' Sunny minds. Blonde with short hair glared on her player girlfriend.



'What's now? Does Yuri know this girl? She looked like so happy now, and her eyes... What the heck Yul's eyes is twinkling?! She like this girl huh?!' The ice cold girl not really happy now.



The most shocked in these girls acted were be Taeyeon and Tiffany. Both of the girls don't no what the reasons these girls so excited. Both dumbfounded. Taeyeon gain back her mind first.



"Tiffany? You guys know her?" Taeyeon said and she walk approach to Tiffany, sit beside her. Taeyeon can felt Tiffany been freaked by these girls from Tiffany's eyes, even the latter doesn't express her boggle on her face.



Tiffany lead closer to Taeyeon unconsciousness, she felt safe from Taeyeon. Maybe be it was because she is the only one she know in this room. Just maybe.



"Yeah! She is my favour!!" Yuri grinned, she said out without thinking though her mind. Yuri lost control.



Taeyeon shocked after listened what Yuri said, felt a bit uneasy. Tiffany totally freak out, she grabbed Taeyeon's arm. One girl at the corner silent, cold aura can felt clearly around her and pumping thread on the corner of her eye can be see.



"Hahahaaa! YAY!!! Kwon Yuri! What the hack you saying!! Pabo!" Shiksin smacked the lost control girl's shoulder. 



"Unnie,  you so funny!" Doe-eyed girl laugh like alligator.



"Unnie, you doesn't know her?" Seohyun said Taeyeon. The oldest girl nodded.



"She won't  paid any attention to those not attract her at all. Properly Tae won't know who she is." Hyoyeon exclaimed so that her voice can be hear by all in this noisy room.



" So, you know her?" Sunny glared on her girlfriend, she still felt uneasy for her girlfriend praised other girl pretty.



"Yeah! Of course I know, she is an idol, a famous one, she is a Kpop star." Hyoyeon grinned to her girl.



" A singer? Are you sure? Just now Yuri called her 'Tiffany', but we found out her name is 'Stephanie Hwang Miyoung'. Are. You all mistaken? Maybe she is similar with that Kpop star." Taeyeon said.



"YAY~ how can I mistaken! I am her huge fan, she is Tiffany, and yes, her real name is Stephanie Hwang Miyoung, but Tiffany also her name. She is American-Korean, come from LA. 24 years old, 163cm, and her body measurements is 3..." Yuri can't finish her words cause been covered by Sooyoung's hand.



"YAY! Too far away! Come back ur mind!" Sooyoung exclaimed. Others giggled on Yuri's dorkily act.



"Oposs... hehe... She is one of the artist under SMent. She has a unique smiling-eyes in this world. She sing very well with her sweet voice, the most best Kpop star recently. And, she is hot and y!!!!" Yuri said ans her face blushed.



"Unnie, we pretty sure she is Tiffany. Her unique voice, that is one of her signature characteristic, won't be mistaken. And just now you said she been stay at here almost 2 weeks, and she been absent on her MC work on MusicCore show almost 2 weeks. " YoonA said to Taeyeon with an assure look to the older girl.



Now Taeyeon pretty sure Miyoung is Tiffany, she trust on her dongseang. She turn her head to face Tiffany and give an assure smile to Tiffany, "Tiffany?" She called 'Tiffany' in stead of 'Miyoung' , she wanna know Tiffany's feel.



Tiffany feel comfort while heared Taeyeon called her 'Tiffany', felt more closer. And 'Tiffany', this name is sound familiar to her, she trusted on Taeyeon, if Taeyeon trusted on that cute doe-eyed girl, then she believe in this.



"I felt this name is familiar to me, and feel good while you called me 'Tiffany'.  I felt this is closer to who I am." Tiffany nodded her head to Taeyeon and said.



" Now, finally you know who you are, great! No bad dream anymore when you sleep in night now." Taeyeon said with a warm smile.



"You known that!" Tiffany had a bit shocked about Taeyeon known she been having bad dream in every night, she didn't tell Taeyen before. 



" Yeah, I usually came in at night while you sleeping, I found you always in bad dream, since from the first day, so I came in in every night, just want to make sure you sleep well, hope you won't mind that." Taeyeon said, her eyes glued on Tiffany's, she afraid that Tiffany will felt uneasy for what she done. Tiffany shocked her head, she doesn't mind but felt warm about Taeyeon cares. She flashed her eyes-smile to Taeyeon. Both of them stay in their own worlds, forgot there had others in the rooms staring at them. 



All of them shocked on Taeyeon. They known that Taeyeon is a warm person that always take care of others, but doesn't  know that Taeyeon will do this, this is a bit over that Taeyeon will do of others. They are people most close to Taeyeon in recently, and Taeyeon take good care on them very well, but they found out that there is a deep side in Taeyeon that no one can get closer and Taeyeon also not willing to show to anyone.



Hyoyeon and Jessica are more surprised on Taeyeon, why? That's because they saw a familiar Taeyeon, whom was disappeared few years ago, after that damn things which changed Taeyeon to a hard-to-be-closer happened. HyoYoen ans Jessica is happy that the 'Taeyeon' that they missed a lots is back. 



Both of Taeyeon and Tiffany still in their own world, the others are felt something between them. Something fishy~~



" ERmHEMmmmm!!! On earth please." Sunny clear loudly to gain back the two girls minds. All the girls looked at them with a meaningful smirks on their face. Taeyeon looked at them with questioning face.



"We have to introduce ourselves to Tiffany, don't you forget, Taenggoo-ya?" Jessica give a playful smirks to Taeyeon. She walked approach to Tiffany.



"Annyo, my name is Jessica Jung, same aged to you, and also came from US, we can be good friend.By the way, I'm best friend of this dork kid." Jessica smile warmly to Tiffany.



"Nice to meet you." Tiffany eye-smiled back to Jessica, she like this cold girl said Taeyeon as a dork kid, which she agreed.



"Annyo, Hyoyeon here. I'm Tae's best cousin. No worry, I will take good care on you." Hyoyeon smile charmingly to Tiffany. Player's  usual act. By next seconds, her right ear been pinched by shorty.



"Stop your player's act, if not, I won't sleep with you for a week."



"Ouch!!! No!!! This will kill me." Hyoyeon pouted to her girlfriend. Others giggled on Hyoyeon.



"She is Sunny Lee, Hyo's girlfriend and we know each others started from childhood. Like her name, a sunshine girl."Taeyeon said. She hope Sunny and Hyoyeon relationship won't freak Tiffany out.



"Annyo!!" Sunny smiled to Tiffany, while she still busy in pinching Hyoyeon's ear.



"Annyo, you two looked so sweet" Tiffany doesn't felt weird or unacceptable to gay relationship, even she is straight. That's maybe because she came from an open-mind country. Maybe.



Taeyeon secretly glad bout Tiffany's reaction bout it.



"Annyonghaseyo, Tiffany-ssi, I'm Kwon Yuri, I am your fans!" 



"Annyonghaseyo, My name is IM YoonA."



"Annyonghaseyo, Choi Sooyoung here."



"Annoyonghaseyo, my name is Seo Juhyun, you can call me Seohyun, I'm maknae here." Seohyun bow to Tiffany, which make Taeyoen frown bit with a smile.



"This 4 kids is younger than you, you can order them do anything." Taeyeon joked, make Tiffany chuckled, and others laughed.



"Annyo, happy to meet you all, please call me Miy-, no, Tiffany, let's us be easy." Tiffany flash her eyes smiled made Yuri blush a bit. Sooyoung noticed, and smacked the tan girl's head, make all laughed harder.



Tiffany felt easy with all these girls, even though this is the first time they meet.



"Can I know more about who I am?"



"Sure!" All girls come closer and sit around Tiffany on the bed and start the chatting.



Taeyeon happily saw Tiffany get easy with the girls. These girls is the most important people for her. She stand up from the bed.



"I need a quick shower, I just finished exercise a minute before you all arrived. Smell like waste now." She leave from the room and approach to her room, Let the girls enjoy their time with Tiffany.









Taeyeon in her master room, she prepare to get a shower, before that there has something she need to do. She grabbed her cell and call her personal assistant. Just a couple ring, the phone been picked up.



"Annyonghaseyo, Miss Kim." A man voice.



"Annyo, Kangyi, I need your help."






"Please help me find out the contact of SMent. Can you done as soon as you can?"



"SMent?" He felt weird, this is the first time his boss require him to do some out of finance field.



"Yes, especially the person in charged an artist name Tiffany Hwang. I need to talk to that person personally."



"I got it, I will do it now, by the way, can I ask for the reason for this?" He is close to his boss actually.



"Erhem... " Taeyeon joked.



"Yea, arraso, boss-nim. I go and find out now. I got to go, bye boss-nim" Kangyi joked back.



"Thanks, bye." Taeyeon cut off the phone.







ps: Annyo everyone!! I back! Finally finished my hell exam. donno is someone waiting for me or not.... pouted*

Actually, while I try to continue the story, I found tat I can't , coz I totally lost the feeling of this story, so I took some times to gain it back, that's y I update a bit late again.


Anyway, please let me thanks my readers and subscribers here. Thanks! Your guys are awesome!!!! If can, please do some comments after reading. This encourage me for writing more.


i will try to update more shortly, coz I gonna disappear again, because me gonna go self-travelling by my own next week to Seoul, Korea for a week,properly gonna stop update for a week again tat time. This is a birthday present from my daddy. My birthday is coming soon (Christmas eve), my daddy called me while I finished my last exam and walked out from exam hall, he told me tat he booked and prepared tis trip for me secretly for me, surprised me!!! I exclaimed at the front of the exam hall, made people think tat I am crazy. Haha!!! 

A self-travelling by my own, tis is a new things for me, to prove me growth and independent now. WOOHOOO!!! So excited now! I love you, daddy!!!! ( eventhough I can't hug u now...)

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