Find Your Way [Epilogue Coming Soon]

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Lee Hyukjae thinks his life is over. That is until he meets Lee Donghae, a man who saves him from his own suicide attempt.

Donghae, an extremely rich bachelor, offers his hospitality to Hyukjae while he tries to get his life back on track. Donghae helps him find his way while he struggles to let go of his lost love.


Hyukjae is lost, stumbling through life. But can Donghae’s kindness change that?


Meanwhile, Donghae has his own scars from his past, along with a horrible future he hopes Hyukjae never has to uncover.


It all started when they met on a bridge…







Story by Z 

Promise I'm still here -15/11/13


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KiwiPrincess #1
Chapter 42: One of the best eunhae story i ever perfect and amazing!!
nynnxx #2
Chapter 42: Daebak! This is so incredible!!!
This is one of the best stories I've read
I love this story so much
Thank you for writing such a great story
Love to have a really beautiful and admirable
Since Hyuk was shot and donghae thought Hyuk dead It was very sad and emotional
thank you very veryyyyyy much
This story has been in my top 3 for a few years now. I can´t seem to get it out of my head. I really love Hyukjae´s character here. And when I´m showering in the dorms and the shower keeps flickering from cold water to hot, I tend to remember your story. T_T Or when it´s drizzling and it´s just not dramatic enough. :D
Do you perhaps have a pdf version that you possibly wouldn´t mind sharing? I swear I will just keep it for myself.
franaomi #5
Chapter 42: Ugh this is perfect (´∀`)
franaomi #6
Chapter 6: I was crying since chap 1 and until now (ㄒoㄒ)
Chapter 42: That was one hella-good story! Thank you for sharing :)
Love Donghae here. He kinda got addiction to alcohol because of that Yoochun-accident. That's sad, and I hoped Hyukjae would somehow save him from that. But well Hyuk just accepted him the way he is)
Seungri reminds me of puppy. Don't know why. Maybe because of loyalty to Seunghyun...
Hyukjae got me asking most of the questions while reading. So... All of his health problems appeared from time to time. But I thought it would be harder for him to survive a runaway with that asthma and body conditions. Maybe, I just overexaggerating. O___O
Thanks for sharing again))
HaneulHae #8
Chapter 42: OH MY GOD
What can I say? This was just awesome in every single way, I don't even know where to start. First of all, this is my second time reading a HyukHae fanfiction and I really got into it just after reading the first chapter! Second, I loved the whole story, all the mystery that surrounds you and just keeps you reading and reading without being able to wonder what will happen next or what is going through Donghae's mind or what he is trying to hide so fervously. Third, this is beautifully written I mean, you feel like you are indeed inside of Hyukjae's mind. The way you write is simply awesome. You got to perfectly describe all type of emotions, sceneries, attitudes.
Once again let me congratulate for writing such a masterpiece, you surely have a great talent for it!
Loved your story from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing it and let us knowing it.
eunhaez #9
Chapter 42: this is the absolute best story i have ever read. it has so many emotions what made me cry and feel many other emotions. i have never ever read something this amazing. at the beginning, i would have no thought it would go like this! i have no words to say how much i love this story. you should be a writer, you deserve it. it's unbeliavable, thank you thank you thank you. i'm crying right now sooo hard. thank you ❤️
Chapter 42: Reading this again because this is a wonderful story and I'll never forget it!
Thank you for writing and sharing this beautiful story ^^