I Love You, Ji Hyo!


" Ji Hyo noona, is it possible if I were to just call you Ji Hyo without the noona ? " asked Joong Ki politely.

Ji Hyo who was looking around turned to face Joong Ki and she said " Yes, of course you can but why is this question so sudden ? " Joong Ki looked at her and he bit his lips.

Moments passed by when suddenly, Joong Ki leaned forward and gave Ji Hyo a small little peck on her cheeks. " Saranghaeyo, Ji Hyo. I love you ! " was what he said.


Read more to find out what happen. I hope you will enjoy the story.


A Song Joong Ki x Song Ji Hyo oneshot brought to you by babymichiie. This story is inspired by the Korean variety show Running Man that I am currently addicted to. I will be using characters from the variety show itself. This story was originally posted in my fanfiction blog and I decided to post it here as well, so there you go.

I don't own Song Joong Ki or any of the characters mentioned in this story but I just own the storyline. Any similiarities of this story would just be a coincidence.



  • The usual filming of Running Man was on like usual. Joong Ki chooses to confess his love for Ji Hyo. What would become of his confession? Would it be successful?





Song Joong Ki



Song Ji Hyo





other minor Running Man Casts




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Ex04ever #1
Chapter 1: Armmm sequel pleaseeeeeee....BTW love it omg love it
Chapter 1: I wished Joong Ki and Ji Hyo got together in this fan fic ;-; .
Chapter 1: eommaaa why were you rejected appaaa;;;;
woosoogyu #4
Chapter 1: sigh... I would have prefer that Jihyo accepted Joongki's confession and not just being friends again... >__<
Nonetheless, I like your story... ^_^
Hikariyuuki21 #5
Chapter 1: Ohmy JoongKi OPPA .
SongSong Couple<br />
it's been a long time since I'm trying to find<br />
a good fanfic about them<br />
please write more about them ^^
Ahaha the Song Song Couple. Soo cute. I was hoping Jihyo would accept him. It would have been soo cute.
lalalalala #8
huuu~~~<br />
I missed jongki being in the show.....:(<br />
But honestly I prefer the monday couple more....<br />
muahahahahah...<br />
but I love the song siblings too...<br />
I wished the monday couple is real...
oneechanjade #9
T_____________________T sooooooooo saddddddddd!!<br />
<br />
<br />
joongiee come here~ (pats joongki on the head :3)
fcmiddle #10
Overall, I lkie your plot although it is not happy ending as I wish :-). Indeed, "unresolved complex" in the end make story more toughtfull and impressive. In the end of Frozen flower for example, it left something could be interpreted in many ways.<br />
So, I personally prefer (instead JK think his problem was settled)<br />
JK closed his eyes - a gentle sincere face of JH noona make he smile with tear on himself..Y_Y