One day is enough






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It´s the last day for Sungyeol in his Highschool. He 

will move with his parents to Busan late at night.

A new classmate joins at this day and he falls for him at first sight.

But time is working against them.

Knowing about their cruel fate,they

try to make it last forever...



Characters in this Story:


Kim Myungsoo

Age : 17

New student at Woolim High

Very friendly and caring

Open minded and a positive 

way to live his life



Lee Sungyeol 

Age: 18

Very spontanious person

Loves to shop 

Very caring 

Straight forward




And again (I know I annoy the out of you guys: HELLO SILENT READERS! THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORIES!!


This fic is fictual blablabla you know what I mean. 

Please do NOT steal the plot in this or my other stories, if you have the urge to write a fic in the same way just inform me before hand. I won´t rip your heads of lol, but my only demand is IF somebody would ask or steal (happend btw.) then you need to add me as a co author for simple advertisment reasons (Unni is smart lol). 



First chapter tomorrow!




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devi38 #1
Chapter 16: Pls update this story. this story is sooo cute, i like it so much T_T I know it's been so long since you last updated this story tho....
When are you going to update this story ;;;
Chapter 15: the plot of the story is quite interesting .... but i don't like the fact that you kept bringing up "money" in every chapter .. i don't understand why sungyeol had to buy all those things to make myungsoo happy .. it trivialized the whole story
Chapter 16: New reader here , I start addicted to ur fanfic since I read 'You Are MyungYeol'♡ I love your story very much ^^ Please update soon ~
Chapter 16: this is so cute :o but why did you stop it <3
Chapter 16: Awww Gyuya ! ~~ ♥
And Yeollie ishhh sooooo sweet.
He took care of the fragile Myungie well.
Hehe. Cant wait for Yeollie surprise ^^
lineth #7
This is beautifulll please update, I love this story so muchhhhhh.
pandaternity #8
Chapter 16: i shouldn't be crying right? sobs.
Sungyeol's so sweet to Myungsoo i just.
Everything is so perfect here except for the goodbye.
Sighs loudly they'll meet again right? :c
Hwaiting~ I really like this storyy.
Myinahla #9
Chapter 16: God this fiction was SO good :D
A bit of fluff in the middle of All your angst M rated fictions !
I seriously hope you'll update this Soon ~
soobyeol #10
Chapter 16: Unnie please update this soon... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ