This is a crazy little thing!


LEE JI-EUN (IU) is just a small town girl.

Living her life simple, loving music, family, friends.

She was heartbroken not once but twice!

This is probably not the first time you heard it right?

You know, about a girl being heartbroken twice.. :)

But IU is different. VERY DIFFERENT.

Even though she was heartbroken twice,

even though those guys played with her heart,

she remained friends with those guys.

She just wished them happiness.

She struggles hard to be prettier to make those guys regret!

Even though she's nice on the inside and outside...

Deep in her heart she wants.... REVENGE!





NICKERZ for my lovely poster! :)


Hey guys. This story is about my life. :)

I'm just going to use idols name. :)

I LOVE IU! I'm her number 1 fan! :))))

This is a story only I didn't know! <3

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_viviansantoso #1
Chapter 14: Update sooonnn
soonah #2
Chapter 12: UPDATE SOON UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!
soonah #3
Chapter 14: Really wonder who IU will be with, and how would KyuHyun deal with SeoHyun and his reactions when he see her!!!! Love this story so much!!!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Yoonhae07 #4
Chapter 14: please dont make seohyun bad here..anyway update soon...i love youre story
Please Update soon!
I'ts kinda weird since Seohyun is Kyu's ex. Then IU and Seo are bestfriends..Wanna know what would be Kyu's reaction when he sees Seo..Kamsa! Hwaiting~! ^_^
suju26kamz #8
good luck on your finals! :D
Grapelolly #9
suju26kamz #10
omo!!!!! what to do?! seohyun IS iu's best friend seohyun! keep updating! ^^