Love Comes With Power




"We're going to be together matter what happens. All of us belong together" 


You, a normal girl living your high school life. What happens when you realize you're the opposite of normal? What if the world you're living in isn't where you are meant to be? What happens when you find out you can wield spirit











Lee _____ is a high school girl who is stubborn, doesn't care about love and friends, and is strong-willed. Even though she is all of this, she's also warm-hearted and kind, she just thinks her school is filled with idiots. 

One night when she was going home, she runs into a boy. That one encounter changes her life. Something inside her awakens. 

She goes through so many experiences as she finds out more secrets about herself and her family. What she's suppose to be and what she has to take care of. She has to choose between the right thing to do and what her heart tells her to do. 


A fanfic staring you, Kim Jongin and Park Chanyeol. You have to live in a whole new world call "EXO Planet" with 12 guys who leave you breathless. You find yourself in a special relationship with two of them. You happen to be the most powerful being on the planet. Can you handle the new life and find out just who your true love is? 



Main Characters


Lee ______ (You)


  • 17
  • Power: Spirit
  • Stubborn
  • Doesn't like being too girly
  • Warm-hearted and Understanding
  • Rude to people she doesn't like

Kim Jongin (AKA Kai)

  • 18
  • Power: Teleportation
  • Cold-hearted and rude
  • Sad past
  • Caring but doesn't show it


Park Chanyeol


  • 18
  • Power: Fire
  • Cheerful 
  • Always smiling
  • Likes to make people smile
  • Secretly lonely and depressed but doesn't show it 

Byun Baekhyun


  • 19 
  • Power: Light

Do Kyungsoo (AKA D.O)


  • 20 
  • Power: Earth

Kim Junmyeon (AKA Suho)


  • 22
  • Power: Water

Oh Sehun


  • 18
  • Power: Wind

Wu Fan (AKA Kris)


  • 21
  • Power: Flight

Kim Min Seok (AKA Xiumin)


  • 19
  • Power: Frost

Lu Han


  • 19
  • Power: Telepathy

Zhang Yixing (AKA Lay)


  • 20
  • Power: Healing

Kim Jongdae (AKA Chen)


  • 20
  • Power: Lighting/Thunder

Huang Zitao (AKA Tao)


  • 18
  • Power: Time Control
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Chapter 7: wow!! this is a great story ~ please don't give up and updated soon ... I love it and I can't wait for the next update ^^ sorry for Chanyeol but I support my cute Jongin \\(*^-^)//
Chapter 7: Awww kai ♥ bad chanyeol why why ? ._. >_< please update I like this story !!!!! ♥
SeoKyung #3
i'm a new reader here!! and i love your story so much >.<
hope you'll update soon cause i'll be waiting~
I love this story soooooo much!!
Laff-Chanyeol #5
Chapter 3: ughhhhh!!! A Cliff-hanger!! Wae Author-Nim Wae??
Chapter 3: UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
nerdybunny1206 #7
Chapter 2: Wahhhhh!!!! Awesome story!! So ____ is a spirit?! That is awesome!!
Update soon!!!!
Laff-Chanyeol #8
Chapter 1: Author-Nim!!
I like the way u write :D
this is the first story um reading from you so it feels good :D
this story just made my day coz i have exams and i wanted something to read when i was not feeling like studying..
i subscribed to u when u posted the Foreword itself..
Waiting for the chapters to be updated soooon :D
Omg can't wait! Looks so good ^_^