Catch Taemin If You Can

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Catch Taemin If You Can; [characters]




Lee Taemin, 18


His pretty face is the weapon and his charming smile is the shield.
Taemin is a no-good heartbreaker, stealing girls' hearts only to crush them a few days later.
He may seem like a heartless jerk, but Jongin knows; underneath that nonchalant coolness Taemin masks is his friend,
an affection-yearning boy who fights against extreme lonliness and excessive-sugar consuming problems.  




Kim Jongin, 18


Jongin has a handsomely chiseled face, is loyal and genuine, and is even a star soccer player at Paran High.
So then why didn't Jongin ever have a girlfriend?
Because when it comes to girls, Jongin can be simply reduced as a "sore ".
Taemin will never understand his best friend, how the heck do you cherish a one-sided love for EIGHT years?!



Jung Soojung, 18

Soojung is the sweet angel of Paran High, a.k.a Kim Jongin's Goddess.
...Or is she?
Only Taemin knows the real Soojung, and she is definitely NOT just a pretty face.




Park Chanyeol, 18

Ever since Chanyeol's wild appearance in Taemin's life, things get even more complicated between Taemin and Jongin.
He's a tall good-looking guy who kills at basketball... only when he's not throwing ed jokes at Taemin.
Who is this weirdo and where the hell did he come from?




Choi Sulli, 18

Sulli is a four-dimensional - no cross that - a fiftynine-dimensional girl who's always seen with a lollipop in .
Brace yourself before you start a conversation with Sulli, you may find yourself floating in the middle of outer space.




Lee Jieun, 17

Jieun is Taemin's little sister, his only family in the country.
She may look like a perfect example of a parent-less delinquent on the outside, but she's thoughtful and mature.
She finds her idiotic brother and his more idiotic best friend hilarious.
They are just so dumb. *le scoffs*



Park Jiyeon, 18

Taemin's latest victim of heart-breaking. 
Jiyeon thought she could've had something special with Taemin... But WTF?!
Lee Taemin is gay? And he's dating his guy bestfriend??? 





Taemin is a heartbreaker, Jongin is the heartbreaker's bestfriend, and the rest are crazy and psychotic highschool classmates that make the two boys' lives an absolute jumble of love, chaos, and sweet creamy chocolate.

*The setting is South Korea so their age is Korean age. 18 = Gr.11 fyi :-)  
Hence some material might sound and seem very unusual but just keep in mind that they're Korean highschoolers, and their schooling and culture is significantly different from the West!



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IrmCik #1
Chapter 17: What does he even mean with "when I did not lay a finger on you for 10 years" like dude did you want to beat him up? Like for years you wanted to punch him? Or is he angry bcuz they messed up his pretty face. This is going in such a slow pace, they like each other obviously they should kiss already urgh...
Love it<333
hipeoplez #3
Chapter 24: This chapter....
I have no words.
I was laughing so hard at the end, I think I died a little bit on the inside.
i've read this story zillion times and it stills beautiful, thank you for making this story exist.
minniemac #5
Chapter 41: Needed something to distract my mind last night so I decided to reread this for like the 7th time. Now it's morning and I'm grinning like an idiot on my train to work. I'm pretty sure everybody thinks I'm mad but I just rediscovered something that I loved and have fallen in love with again. I love everything about this story and I love you for writing it! Thank you!! Hope you're gonna have as great of a day as you just made mine!
NCTNCity27 #6
Chapter 36: Oh my goodness!!! This chapter made me laugh so hard my sides are still hurting. I absolutely adore your writing style and honestly, someone should make a K-Drama out kf this fic. Thankyou for writing this.
michaelj316 #7
Chapter 42: honestly?? i cant even use words to describe how much i love this fic like !!!!!!! its so good !!!!!!! i love evry single piece, every single word/character/you name it lmao !!!!! ty for your hard work in this fic~
i think it's been like 2 years since i last read this?? but i reread it all last night and i totally remembered how amazing this story is. thank you so much for writing this masterpiece!! i loved all the characters and honestly this is like one of the stories you could read over and over and never get tired of ^^
Chapter 12: This part is so hurting
Chapter 9: Wow amazing chanyeolliiieee