The First Time We Met (A Love Story)


This is just the beginning........................

Yuri was just walking along the streets to get to the shops because she didn't live far from the shops, that she loves going to, that were also nearby her house. During the walk, she stopped for a second because she saw something strange behind her and wondered what it is, so she turned around and immediately saw the guy of her dreams. Only, realising that he was really tall and she quickly checked with her only eyes, to see if this guy has got everything ticked of her checklist, for finding the bestest and perfectest boyfriend on earth. So, the results were that the boy ended up as everything being ticked that were on her list and so she was really happy with this. Also, that guy was smiling at her meaning that maybe it was miraculous to find a guy like him as well and plus this guy did actually stop for a moment.

Later, this boy was feeling that this girl is strange because he was thinking, why is this girl staring at me like this. So, then, he decided to ask Yuri 'Um......... excuse me madame what are you doing?'. Yuri replied and said to him' Oh!! um...... nothing just I was going to go to the um........... shops you see and sorry about that?'. The guy replied and had said'Oh!!!! ok it's ok and will in that case would you like to go to the shops with me because I'm going to the shops as well and I don't mind?'. Yuri had thought about it hard enough, that she has decided, that she will come alongside the guy and so therefore she replied and said 'Yeah sure that would be great of you!!!!'. So, then, she and that guy was walking to the shops and along there walk Yuri decides to ask him (that guy) a question, just to get to know him well. She then says to him'Hey!!!! what's your name may I ask?'. He replies and says'Yeah, sure, I can tell you my name easily and that is Eunhyuk','It is a very cool name for me isn't it, so what do you think and btw, what's your name?'. Yuri says'Oh!!!! yes indead it is a very cool name for you and my name is Yuri, very easy to say isn't it?.


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