Taboo Love


This story is about two star-crossed lovers.
They fell in love with each other, but fate must have been playing with them.
They are part of families who have been involve in a dispute with each other in a long time.
No one even know what is the cause of it.

The Kim Family, one of the most powerful mafia leaders in Korea.
They branches out from Gangnam to Busan.
In this family there are two children named Kim Sunggyu, the elder and Kim Myungsoo.

Jang Dongwoo is a nephew of Mr. Kim. He is the best friend of the two ciblings and is living with the family.

The other family is the Lee. This household are strict law keepers, considering that Mr. Lee is a General Police Officer.
In this household, there are three children. Lee Hoya, the eldest, Lee Sungyeol, the second and Lee Sungjong, maknae.
Nam Woohyun is a cousin of the Lee. He has a very close relationship with the family.

This star-crossed lovers overcomes the threats that are in the way of their relationship.


OMG! Another fic that came to my random mind!
Who among of you are Shakespeareans because this fic is a 'Romeo and Juliet' inspired!
To be honest, I really don't know the whole story yet (because I haven't read the play or watch the movie(s).
All I know is that the star-crossed lovers will die in the end!) but we're working on it at school so I'd pretty much have a siting on it soon.
This is all I know -for now- Romeo and Juliet fell in love  with each other but unfortunately, they're families has been arguing with each other for a very long time,  they don't even know the cause of it all.
They're just fighting! >_<
And, the tragic part that I know is that , they'd die in the end!
Another one, that Romeo's first love wasn't Juliet! xD

I'd be working on the information that I know from this point on.

Don't worry guys, I. WON'T. GET. THEM. KILLED! [LOL that's a spoiler!] xD
I won't kill MyungJong! Gawd! One does not simply kill my -favourite- OTP! xD

I just want some 'Forbidden Love' theme of MyungJong because -have I told you?- I love forbidden love settings!
I just love the way how the couple hides and protects their relaionship. 
love to see how they overcome the hardships in their path! And, they'd live happily ever after in the end [yeah, I loved fairy tales!]

Soooooooo! Hello to you who is reading this~ *smiles just like an idiot and waves*
Hope you enjoy~  


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Thanks to Eternal Summer Graphics Services  !
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I'll update thia before Monday comes, Promise~ ^^

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rei_zha #1
Chapter 10: Do you wanna continue it? I hope you do it, this story is so nice and sweet....
AdrianaInspirit #2
Chapter 10: So cute !!!! I love this story !!! Please update !!! Eoh !!
Chapter 10: This story is so so so good. The plot is awesome and it's very easy to understand each character feelings. I really am in love with it and i hope that you update... kkkk not soon because it seems you take your time but i at least want to believe you haven't forgot the story ^^
Omo!! Please update this story!..
it's very cute :)
Chapter 10: Kim Myungsoo , those sentences are so sweet . *sigh* //Myung doin puppy face infront of me\\ *sigh* Fine . You can make love with my baby Jongie . MAKE LOVE . XD

I'm shouting like a retarded 5 years old kid reading this cute chappie ! Love you ate :*
Chapter 3: " DIE . ALARM . JUST DIE "

I feel you Jongie . Totally FEEL you :3
Chapter 1: I know Myungsoo . He's like an angel right ? *smile*

HI ate ! New reader here xD *getting slap*
Chapter 10: Whispered: "I miss you, that's why I'm here."
Murmured against his skin: "But I miss you now."

SHIVERY FEELS!!! (#^_^')