Guardian of an Obnoxious

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An angel with no memories of her death is given a rare opportunity to find out about her past and she doesn't waste the chance to take it. However, she doesn't know of the consequences that she would face once she reaches earth. When she finally meets her obnoxious human boy, it was hate at first sight, but she finds herself protecting him with all her heart. Then she comes face to face with a mysterious boy at school who would do anything to get close to her and she slowly begins to waver. Although she's the toughest when she's around her human boy, her strong exterior is only a facade to hide from the pain she's suffering from inside. Her short life on earth turns upside down when memories of her forgotten past upfolds before her very eyes and she cowardly runs from the truth. 




"When are you leaving?" 


"When you're least expecting it."


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-Temporary name that Kai gave you: Kim Ah Ri

-Real Name: You don't remember what it is


-Your real age is still unknown for now.

-You registered yourself the same age as Kai.


-A little on the clueless side, clumsy, innocent, tough, sarcastic, freaks out when you learn something new about being a human, stands up for yourself, always have a soft side for Kai, responisble, sacrifices for others, girls at school hate you, you experience some bullying

-Adresses Kai as "Human Boy".

-You're quite the tough one around Kai because your job is to keep him out of trouble, so you do your best to always keep him under your nose. Going down to earth after what seems like forever, you're bound to cause some embarrassing moments. Being human again becomes very new to you, so as you live with Kai, he teaches you some INTERESTING things that you should already know yourself (but you're obviously clueless). You hate not having your powers to hurt people because Kai's always getting on your last nerve and those nasty school girls won't leave you alone. Little by little, you're trying to learn more about who you were, while at the same time, discover how you died. You think being Kai's guardian angel was the worst decision you've ever made and agreed on. 


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-18 years old

-The rebellious bad boy who doesn't listen to anyone.

-Luhan is his number one rival

-Super rich, Extremely popular at school, All the girls wants him, All the boys wants to be him

-Has a crush on someone 

-Is the only son 

-Has a father, Real mother died 

-Hates his dad for remarrying right after his mom's death, Hates his dad even more for marrying an a woman that's half his dad's age, Hates the new stepmother who always trying to seduce/flirt with him when his dad's out of town

-Blames himself for his mother's death

-Constantly tells you that you're the ugliest angel/thing he's ever seen and that's why he doesn't believe you.

-Loves to see you angry

-So, when you suddenly appear out of nowhere and claimed that you're his guardian angel, you turned his whole life upside down by constantly threatening him. If he doesn't change his bad boy ways, get good grades in school, have a better relationship with his father, then you were bound to take all his money, his cars, and EVERYTHING he owned away from him. What made him hate you even more, but still obeyed you all the while, was that you threatened to tell his crush that he likes her. He had too much pride for that to happen, so as he allowed you (more like you forced him) to live with him for the time being, he finds himself warming up to you.


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-19 years old

-The OTHER extremely popular BAD boy at the same school Kai attends

-Gets into constant fights with Kai

-His babyface, yet manly personality, gets all the girls falling to his feet

-Bully and everyone (except kai) is scared of

-Rich Kid who practically owns the school

-Has a dark past that he regrets

-When he sees you, the new student at his high school, you began to remind him of someone in the past and it makes him angry, sad, and regrettable. You become someone he wants to keep safe so nothing bad would happen to you. His heart begins to waver and when he's being extremely mean to you, all he really wants to do is to protect you. He finds himself jealous of Kai because you're always around him and starts fighting for your attention...or so your heart.





*Disclaimer: EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY FICTIONAL AND MADE UP & I DID NOT COPY ANYONE. If this seems similar to those that you’ve read, it’s completely unintentional. Poster and story belongs to me. All rights reserved. This story belongs to BaboPanda. Please do not plagiarize. Thank you!


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