It has Always been You


Aaron was never the same after the accident. He never really cared about anything anymore, but when he met the voice of his savior his life began to change again.


Aaron was a quiet, rich, cute, going with the flow, guy. But after the accident he changed into a different person. No one really knew why, because he always keep things to himself until he meets Gui Gui.

Gui Gui is a happy go girl. Her family is quite rich, but she likes to rely on herself. And she dislike it when people commands her to do things, so after meeting Aaron she hates him to the guts.


-More characters in the story, but read to find out!-




Hey guys, another story up.

I'm posting this one up for a firend.

And this story written before My Freedom is Being with You.

Hope you all will enjoy this one. ^^


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Through this one in my reading list ^_^
Gah~~ it's been a long time and I forgot what was the story about, need to re-read :P
jazcabbb #2
Chapter 35: Awww. Super love this story!
Chapter 35: Omo...its so sweet..hehehe
[deactivated] #4
ko0mii #5
I love this story!
cute story! love it!
u should make a sequel about aaron and guiguis child
anyways great job!
that was cute!
Good story! :)
This was so good! I'm glad Aaron and GuiGui were able to work out their relationship problem :)
-HaeFany-Forever- #10
Return me my 100 litres of tears! It's too goood!