Billie Jean...♥ [HIATUS]

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Young Cho Hee [Dara], a girl from Korea visits her Aunt, her Uncle & Cousin [Thunder] in L.A
for 3 months. She starts hanging out with her cousin & his best friends. She gets to know this one best friend of Thunder, who is a playboy. Everytime he has the chance to flirt he takes the initiativ & plays with the girls. But that's a game he can't play with Cho Hee cause she isn't a girl who falls for his "charms".
Yupp that's something she keeps in her head.


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'Honey, we gotta go.', My mother screams from below.
With the thoughts in my own little world, I reach for the handle of my new small, aqua blue suitcase, which I have only two weeks ago pretty proud, bought with my own money.
One last time, I look back to my room. 'Annyeonghi geseyo favorite room!' I whisper, strolling with my suitcase down the stairs.
'Why did you pull that face darling?' From the voice of my mother ripped from the thought that I'm going along.
'Haha, Cho Hee. Are you not excited ? I thought you always wanted to America? 'But Mom, of course I'm happy, it's not like that every day you get the chance to spend three months in Los Angeles! But I will miss everything here, especially my room! '' Oh darling, do not be so melodramatic. '' Yeah mom, Mianhae! '
We run one last time through the house to see if  all windows were shut. Then we lock the door and put all our luggage in the taxi that has been waiting for fifteen minutes for us.
Arrived at the airport, we get checked from the security men and finally go into the plane.
'Please put your seatbelts on and do not walk around. The flight will start now. Thank you! ', It sounds from the speakers of the aircraft. Nodding, I follow the instructions and put the headphones on, while grinning.
'L.A. Here I'm coming! 'I say quietly in thought as I look out off the window.

'Yeogi bueteora, modu moyeora
Mameul yeoreora, meoril biwora
Bureul jipyeora LILILI LALALA '

Finally, GD's wonderful and unique voice sounds from my headphones, and brings me to fall asleep.
I feel a light tapping on my left shoulder and try to open my eyes slowly. I see a grinning Stewadess that leans slightly above my seat, holding a tray of food in one hand.
'Miss, I'm sorry that I woke you, but here's your food.'
Again, she puts on her perfect smile, so you can see her pearly white teeth.
'Oh, thank you!' I put a hand on my growling stomach, and with the other hand I reach for the tray and place it in front of me. At that moment my mother is beside me.
'Oh, honey you're already awake' 'Hmmm', I reply sleepily, 'Where have you been?' 'Ah, I was walking around, because my feet hurts from all the sitting' 'Ah, okay. Do you know when we'll arrive Umma? '' In exactly one hour darling 'waaaah, I slept for so long?'
She says nothing, but nods, smiling.

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