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“For a long moment the dragon simply falls, wings tucked in tight as they plummet through the clouds.” We Danced in the Snow of a Crystal December



Thug Wife

Author: EXOISM @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: Lu Han/OC

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Action, AU

Summary: Jeong Sena is the daughter of a CEO of one of the biggest steel companies in Asia. After drinking a little too much one night, she wakes up next to Luhan, the son of a CEO of China's largest weapon and explosive manufacturing company. For the sake of public image, they are forced to marry. Sena soon finds out that Luhan has many deadly secrets.

 [I assure you guys, this isn’t one of those very cliché arranged marriage fics out there. The is very near, I want more!! This is exciting to read and it never bored me so it will probably be one of my fave EXO het fics (well, this is one of the few fics that excites me whenever there’s an update XD). I really love the character development and how the relationship b/in Lu and the OC grew~ the build-up is steady and just right. The action scenes and the details about the gangs were pretty awesome too. Go read this guys!]





Dizzying Confusion

Author: roseyulee @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: OC + Kris, Baekhyun, Kai, EXO

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Drama, Romance,

Summary: If you woke up one day after having your life fast forwarded, could you adapt to the present and piece together the past eight years of your life? Even more importantly, would you be happy with what you've become?

[I know that amnesia fics spells ‘cliché’ for you guys but I assure you that this is not one of your average stories. There’s a plot that it follows and scenes aren’t just put randomly, every chapter weaves together, so BAM— plot development. For a fic that’s written on 1st P.O.V, the characters are well-written and has their own individuality (quirks and habits are present, you can set them apart and actually feel them, and the lead character is very intriguing) On top, after finishing a chapter, you’ll be dying to read the next one to know more. A fic for drama geeks <3 ~Ok, I need an update so badly!! I just wish that the author hasn’t given up on this story yet T_T]





Forbidden Boys

Author: ChaeYo @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: Eunbi (OC) + Lu Han & Sehun

Rating: [M]

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst

Summary: Having to move from everything she’s ever known, Eunbi is all of a sudden thrown into a life full of chaos. Troublesome love, ignorant parents, jealousy and confusing friendships are suddenly a part of her everyday life.  It’s a lifestyle so different from the one Eunbi used to live.  And she’s left trying to comprehend the change. "Love, Why is it so difficult?"

[Very intriguing, I badly want to know how everything crumbled down and turned out that way…or how Lu Han, Sehun & even Eunbi became what they are in the story. I desperately want to read more so that the many questions will slowly be answered and I want to know what’s going to happen with the three’s relationship with each other (or how the girl will eventually fall for one of them). ChaeYo is the writer of the 1st INFINITE fic that I read almost 3 years ago, and I gotta say that her works don’t disappoint and she keeps on improving. Her OC/Kris/Lay fic ‘Miss Trouble’ was one of the few het fics that I diligently followed before. Make sure you guys won’t miss this, I really love her writing style and her plots plus the character development in her fics :)]




The Seeress of EXO

Author: lilyemc @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: OC/EXO OT12

Rating: PG-13

Genre: AU, Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance, Action

Summary: On planet EXO, there exists a race of people called Exotians. In times past, they relied on the protection of the Guardians of the Tree of Life, the powers of both the ones who watch over the sun and the moon. The legends of their great achievements are now akin to a child’s fairy tale. With the fall of the Guardians from their sphere of influence, a new entity took control over the Exotians, The Council. As protectors of the Tree of Life, sworn to protect and act in the benefit for all Exotians, the Guardians and their powers are now being utilized by the Council as they see fit. This shift in power would all change if only the Guardians could find their Seeress, the one who rules over them and guides them in their tasking work. Never did they think they would find her, especially not on a train ride leading to her death.

[Thanks to EXO, I get to read a lot of supernatural/action/fantasy fics~ it’s literally everywhere (I’m such a big fan of those genres). This is very well written, descriptive and with ace characterization. Others should learn from the author how to change P.O.Vs without stating it but not confusing the readers. MAMA verse with a twist~ A MUST READ!]




Of the Guardians: Echo

Author: TheMusicNinja @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: Kora (OC) + EXO OT12

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Supernatural, Fantasy, Drama, Action

Summary: 500 years ago, 13 warriors defeated one called The Shade, and locked him and his cohorts behind the Gate of Morgana. These 13 became known as The Guardians, defenders of Athosia. But The Guardians are long gone now. What will happen if the gate opens?

[I was kind of hooked when I found this last month XD. I loved the universe the author created in this fic, it makes me picture out everything from the places, creatures to the characters and scenes. There’s the intricate detailing (background, origin and stuffs) and outlining of plot (plus great characterization!). The story is still halfway to the real thing but it’s already exciting to read and I loved the interactions between the characters, action scenes and how the relationship between them develops. Although there are some typos here and there (mistakes with pronouns and apostrophes) the story makes up for it. Not complaining with the updates, I do wish they could come more often though XD. I’m so excited for the other members’ first appearances >_<]




Dawn of a New Era

Author: TheChildishDreamer @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: OC/OT12

Rating: [M]

Genre: Supernatural, Fantasy, AU, Romance

Summary: -no summary posted-

[Recommended by Yumi11~ thanks so much, bb! When I started reading this fic, I gotta admit that it was sort of addicting. Their adventures were really awesome and the actions scenes kinda blew me away~ really amazing display of the characters’ powers. Although it dropped somewhere in the story, it eventually picked before chapter 40 (the action ><) That moment when you’re looking for that infamous scene on the foreword and found out that it was on chapter _~ I got so excited when I read the familiar scene on that chap. But the latest chapter was such a big cliffhanger, I need an update XD. But honestly, I still can’t quite grasp the idea of having…uhh…twelve, you know (but it’s fun (?) nonetheless XD. And if you’re looking for a story that has the same intensity as this one, then read ‘Kiss of the Rose Princess’ which stars EXO OT12 + an OC and is written by the same author. It’s pretty awesome, too! I loved the concept of the story…I want my own EXO cards.]





Our Dirty Little Secret

Author: CFDorks @ LJ

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: Park Eun Ah (OC), Baekhyun, Lu Han

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Romance,

Summary: Everyone has their own LITTLE secret. Yours just happens to be a little "DIRTY."And no matter what, it must be kept a SECRET.

[There’s something about this fic that made me read it in just one sitting~ well, it really is intriguing. I loved how this fic actually showed some feelings, and it’s not just and the events in the story aren’t forced or in there just for the sake of it, it has a plot. ~and it made my mind go like~ Lu Han or Baekhyun? For a story written in 2nd P.O.V, it really good ^u^]




My Next-Door Idiot

Author: Lambchop @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: OC + Kris + Lu Han (EXO-M)

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Summary: There are a lot of words used to describe Kris Wu. Neighborly is not one of them. There will always be people who come and go into your life, but your worst enemy is someone you can never escape. Everywhere you went, Kris would always be there, making you miserable with every second. And just when he moves to China and you think you're free, he suddenly moves back right next to your house for more. But the worst part is, after 6 years of not seeing him, Kris became extremely hot.

[Tah-dah~ It’s a fanservice fic! I enjoy reading this so much, really cute and interesting. Since this was past featured, I’m sure that some of you might already know about this one, but I’m posting it here anyways (and you probably knew all the stories posted above even before I posted it in here). Go give it a shot, it’s so much fun :)]





[A/N:] Since there are a lot of hets out there, I decided to divide the het fic recs into at least 5 parts, there are still 26 het fics left, I think?— like Seeking the World, My Bodyguard Princess, and others, but I’m sure more fics will be added if I decided to look for new reads XD—I’m actually just too lazy to type something so I’m sticking to posting whatever I got and finished typing for the past weeks, and gosh, there’s so few up there. So, do you guys have any good het fics to share?? Go comment, I’ll love it. School's over and I have more time to read <3

Maybe I’m going to post the slash fics from AFF next and new recommendations from Livejournal next weekend~ there are a lot and one fic seriously made me tear up T_T. I hope you guys are looking forward for it ^u^ ~

And..Congratulations to out boys for winning three awards for the past days :)

Although it’s kinda late…



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Tell me if you enjoyed the fics. Have a good day!! –Kiannie.

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They’re so flawless and my heart is bursting with too many feels rn T_T Sorry guys, but this ship is just so darn beautiful…



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Chapter 1: i almost cried my heart out when the first 3 KrisYeol fics are Not Available!
Thank God there are more and is available to read. BTW thanks for this x
strawberry_lover #2
Hi,I would like to recommend a fic. The title is This is what I Learned by Reposed. It is more of a slice of life fic.It is really underrated and I would like to share it with more people as it is really well done and beautiful.
squishynim #3
Hello there, I'd like to recommend a fanfic! The title is A Villain's Fairytale. It is one of the most creative and best baekyeol fics for me. It is regrettably underrated and I would like to share it to the world! Here's the link:
Hiiii Can I recomend a fic?
Park BaekYeol?! Byun ChanHyun?!
Life takes a toll on these high school enemies when they suddenly switch bodies. Coincidentally, Chanyeol, the school's clown must do a student-president speech the morning of their first switch. While the school's perfectionist, Baekhyun, freaks out in the back of the audience as he watches Chanyeol wing the speech in his body.

no more alternative universe or supernatural...are there more real person fics? like a glimpse into exo daily life, not necessarily to be m/m read, but like bromance or friendship between members....and specifically kaisoo or baekyeol real person fics???
yifancakes #7
I had an old acc subscribed to this however I went on hiatus for a long time, I had also stopped reading fics for a while and focused on writing instead but then I had forgotten my password. Honestly, this recommendation masterlist is spot on and was the blessing of my early fandom days (2012-2013 TT TT). 2014 was a painful year. As someone attached to some of the past stories, I've gotten my hand around AFF again and I'm glad to see that this is still alive. I'm really grateful for this and I hope you stay in the fandom. Now, I can look back and anticipate more. I'd explain further how glorious, marvelous and outstanding this list is but that would involve too much feels. Again, thank you for this wonderful compilation! ;A;
I am absolutely overwhelmed by the number of fics you've recommended. It's an excellent list. If I read them all, I am never gonna get anything else done in my lifetime. I am so doomed!

*thanks for compiling them all!
Hi! Please check out my fanfiction staring EXO's Park Chanyeol :)

Tainted Red

"I want to die.." you whispered. "I have done something so wrong to the point I feel like it's drowning me. I am inadequate and stupid, without worth. I might as well be dead."
"No, stop." he pursed his lips and violently shook his head. "Stop saying stuff like that. You're still here aren't you? If you really meant what you said then you wouldn't be here with me right now and honestly, I like it better with you beside me. It makes me know that there's someone that feels the same pain as I do. And that they're still here, with me."
"But it hurts," you tried to hold back your tears, but they already felt too heavy to begin with.
He took your hand in his and squeezed them gently, "I know. That's why we'll get through this together."


Thank you ^^
kimyoorassi #10
Chapter 22: Can anyone tell me where cam i find oneirataxia