My Casanova Prince [Revising]


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“Annyeonghasaeyo. Double S Oh Gong il’s prince, Heo Young Saeng imnida.”

That was the line I love the most. It was just a simple phrase but it brightens up my world. 

Whenever I get to hear that line, there was this feeling that it was dedicated for me. For Me, Alone.

Honestly, I was once a reason for that fulfilled dream.

 Day dreaming?

- Nope!


- A big No!

Sweet dreams?

-Definitely not!


It was real, I am holding a great part in that person's life. Behind that popular prince of SS501 named, Heo Young Saeng...

My name is Venice Lee. Believe it or not, I am the almighty prince Heo Young Saeng’s best friend.

Our first meeting was tragic, but with that, begins a friendship that lasts ‘til now.

I knew him completely On and Off Camera.


To tell you the truth, he was the complete opposite of his image on stage.

The well-known Shy Prince of SS501 is not really who you think he is.

That guy you admire a lot was a pretentious guy.


In contrast to that well behaved man you know on television,

He is really a charismatic CASANOVA.

Behind that cute, smiling-angle face hides a playful desire of a Casanova prince.

He never takes any relationship seriously.

He view them as a game, a toy he enjoy playing with.


He vowed to himself that he will never take any relationship seriously.

He dated two to three girls at a time and break with them once he doesn’t like the atmosphere anymore.

He kisses almost every girl he bumped with.


But...I couldn’t blame him.

He have been in deep turmoil and was mentally and emotionally hurt not just once.

For him, it was more like revenge and vengeance than a play thing.


But despite of being a Casanova, he was a real gentle man and kind hearted guy.

Just like every fan would think about, he is the kind of guy who gives importance to those people he value the most. He will sacrifice his own life for the sake of those whom he loves.


With that charm, charisma and smile, he heart.

But I know it was more than impossible for feel the same.

Once again, I am Venice Lee...

And Heo Young Saeng is my one and only......Casanova Prince!

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Chapter 21: jinja daebakk!! really nice story... thanks for the story.. <3
ireallyrock #2
Ohhhhhhh..... So CUTE!!!!!!!! I love zis story sooooo much!!!!!! Authornim,it was one of z best ff i've ever seen!! Btw new reader here! Thanks!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 21: There can't be more perfect ending!!!!
Venice <3 Youngsaengie!
omo Youngsaeng oppa how can u be sooooo sweet at creating that video of ur time together with Venice!!! aigoo even I wanna say "Saranghaeyo oppa" haha xD but then again I already say that alot of times hehe
I just can't stop saying "waaaaaahh~" while reading the chapter :D
If I knew u'll end it so soon I would have forced u to write more chapters because I love this story so much!! ah eottokhae~ I wanna read more :(
Anyway ttari ah~ you wrote this story really greatly! keep up the good work!! ^^ hopefully I read more of ur awesome stories :)
Chapter 20: Awww saengie finally forgave his father~ all thanks to Venice! it's so sweet ^^
Venice's long kept love is so clear in that letter~ it's so touching ttari!!!! ahh it almost felt like watching a movie! you wrote it really beautifully!! *beaming*
"You make me believe that fairy tales do exist" awww~~ ^^ haha and it's cute at the ending :D
Chapter 19: Omo omo omo this chapter is toooooo sweet u know!!! and so hilarious too~ aigoo their fights are jinjja sweet :D
The video camera idea is superb! wow saengie u sure have such awesome ideas to make Venice confess her love! eunngg I loved loved loved the chapter <3
haha and the kiss was there too, possessive author-nim :P and kyuieeee u did a great job at not lying for ur hyung hehe uri honest boy! ^-^
claribelmiranda #6
Chapter 21: awwwwww.....nice story indeed :) done reading this kekeeke ^^ bestfriends thing story i loveeee! :)
Chapter 18: Haha as expected, the games were so good at bringing them closer!! hehe always the forced kiss! but sweet anyway ^-^
Haha Venice's umma is more excited than Venice I think :D daebak so now even the parents have agreed to their relationship! Yah Venice, Saengie what is the problem now? aigoo sort out ur feelings palli~ or do you guys need another twist or tragedy to recognize the love?! :D
update very soon~ ^^
Chapter 17: gahh their bitter sweet love is too cute!! ^-^
Haha Youngsaeng really knows how to woo any girl with his compliments ;)
Ahh the Casanova is really being shy and such a gentleman around Venice! aigoo you guys should have started dating sooner!! euunngg they are perfect together! ^^
Wow the couples shop has some weird workers haha it would be trouble if saengie wasn't so good at acting :D gyah I think the games would be really fun! jinjja looking forward to it!!
update soon ^-^
Chapter 17: Waa! I wish there really is a shop like that in a mall, I would gladly do the tasks. I think its fun. Plus you get to have free stuff. I wonder what are the tasks?
Chapter 16: Awww the sweet and emotional long awaited confession!!! Gyahh loving it SO MUCH~ and *sigh* Youngsaeng is back to his Casanova self!
Venice is so right...he has to prove his love through his actions and I think now he's really in love so he will try his best this time, right! ahhh can't wait for things to go smooth sailing for them!!
Aw poor Youngsaeng have to wait for the wedding to get a kiss?! ;) well, hopefully not hehe... Venice ah that Casanova might have kissed many girls but he still brush his teeth right, so it's all clean, go for the kiss! ;D
Hahaha Venice's acting is funny! the other girl must be furious! :D
Aigoo~ getting anxious for the updates now!! keep updating ttari ^^