Would you take this seriously?


My name is Lee HoWon and the way that i see it there is nothing special about me that i can tell you, but there is this guy, Jang Dongwoo who i like since a long time ago. Well we are suposed to be dating since some months ago but not once i have felt like he likes me the way i do. We do spend time together and all that couples are suposed to do together but he is always smiling, i have never seen him act sirious about anything since i have met him.

Should i still be with him? 

If i leave him would he do anything to get me back? 



You say you like me too, but your natural playfullness wont let me believe it.

Why are you always laughing? cant you see this is real for me? 

Just for once im asking you to tell me how you really feel about me. Please I'm begging you. 

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