I Need My Daddy's Attention

My Driver , Sweet Lover


Jessica have an Class to School

She Woke Up Very Early

3:00 AM

Jessica was very happy because her Daddy is sleeping in their house

She is happy because she have to do a Bonding with her Dad

Sometimes ,Her Dad Didn't Sleep in their own house because of their Business

She cooks Food for her Daddy 

5:00 AM 

Jin Young Woke Up

Jessica see him

Daddy ,I cook your Break Fast .Eat Now ''Jessica Said Happily''

Ahhhhhmmmm ,Daughter ,Sorry .I have to go ''Jin Young Said While Fastly getting his Thing''

But Daddy ,How About This ? ''Jessica Asked Sadly''

Eat That ,By your own .Jessica .Bye ''Jin Young Said Happily''

Jessica became Lonely

Jessica eat all the Foods



The Teacher give Jessica's Grade in Report Card .First Grading 

Jessica got an Perfect Outstanding Grade (A)

Jessica think if her daddy know this .He will be proud of her 

Jessica Go back to House



9:00 PM

Jessica Still waiting for her Dad So she can Show her Report Card

10:00 PM

Jin Young Arrived Tiredly

Daddy .Here's My Report Card ''Jessica Said Happily''

Oh ,Fine ,Study Hard .I have to Rest Now ''Jin Young Said Tiredly''

But Daddy ,Aren't you happy ?''Jessica Asked Sadly''

I am happy for you ,Sleep Now .You have a Class Tomorrow .And Don't Cook me my Breakfast because I will leave House at 4:00 AM .I have an Meeting About our Business''Jin Young Said Tiredly''

Jin Young leave Jessica

Jessica Became Sad Again and she start to cry

Why Daddy ? ''Jessica Asked To Herself while Crying''


Jessica became angry

I think I have to do something so my Dad Will See Me ''Jessica Said To Herself While Thinking''

Yeah ,I know .I will became a Bully and Brat Student in my School .I think their is no sense if I will continue becoming Top 1 to my School because Daddy didn't mind Me ''Jessica Said Sadly''



4:00 AM

Jessica Woke Up early so she can see her Dad But Her Dad Already Leave the House at 3:00 AM

7:00 AM 

Jessica Arrived at School



Jessica will change her attitude in School

Her Classmates see her

Hi Jessica ''Sunny Said Happily''

Jessica look at them

Hey ,Jessica .Come Join With Us ''Taeyeon Said''

No '''Jessica Said Seriously''

Why ? ''Tiffany Asked''

I just don't want ''Jessica Said Angrily''

Please Bestfriend ''Sooyoung Said''

I said No .Just Mind all of your Business ''Jessica Said Angrily''

All her Bestfriend Shocked because Jessica Change her Attitude From being a Good to a Serious,Bad,Brat Girl

Jessica Snab Them

Jessica Leave and go to their Classroom

They all became Sad



They all are Studying

Ahhhmm ,Ms. Jessica Jung .What is the Source of Heat and Light ? ''TEACHER ASKED''

Jessica remember that she have to be a Brat and a Weird Student so she will canceled in the TOP and HONOR 

Jessica know the Answer but she didn't say 

I don't know ,Ma'am ''Jessica Said Seriously''

All her Classmates was Shocked when they heard that there TOP 1 Classmate can't answer the Simple Question 

Yoona Smile

Yoona raise her Hand

Oh ,Ms. Yoona ,What is the Answer ? ''Teacher Asked''

Ma'am ,The Answer is Sun ''Yoona Said Happily''

Oh .Now.Ms. Jung .You know the answer in Simple Question ''Teacher Said Angrily''

Yes ,Ma'am ''Jessica Said Sadly''

Yoona ,Tell to Jessica the Answer Again ''Teacher Said''

Jessica ,The Answer in very simple question is Sun .Okay .Use your Mind ''Yoona Said Happily''

Jessica became angry



Jessica was eating

Yoona go to her

Oh ,Jessica .Why are you lonely ?''Yoona Asked Happily''

Mind Your Own Business ''Jessica Said Angrily''

Thanks ,Jessica .Continue that Work ,Okay ,So I can be the Top 1 in our Class ''Yoona Said Happily''

Jessica became angry

Please Leave Me Alone ''Jessica Said Angrily''

Fine .But I see you in your house always sad .Hahahaaha .And I know the Reason .It's because Your Dad didn't pay attention to you .Poor Daughter ''Yoona Said Happily While making Jessica Angry''

How did you know that ?''Jessica Asked Angrily''

Simply .When I am walking after our School Time .I see you sad in the side of the Window in Second Floor ''Yoona Said''

You are Lying .Daddy .Loves Me ''Jessica Said Angrily''

No ,He hates You .Hahahaha ''Yoona Said While Laughing''

Jessica Stand Up

She blows the Water that she drinking to Yoona

Yoona Shocked

Yoona Slap Jessica

Jessica Fight her

The Principal see them Fighting

You two ,Come to my Office ''Principal Said Angrily''

Jessica and Yoona follows the Principal



I want to see you two parents ,Tomorrow .,Early in the Morning ,Okay ''Principal Said Angrily''

Yes ,Principal ''Jessica and Yoona Said''

But what really happens ? ''Principal Asked''

Ahhhhmm ,Ma'am ,She Blows me a Water ''Yoona Said Angrily''

Ma'am .She is the First .She Tease Me ''Jessica Said Angrily''

But Ma'am.I am just saying the truth ''Yoona Said''

What Truth ?''Principal Asked''

Her Daddy didn't pay attention to her ''Yoona Said''

Jessica Became Angry

Your Lying ''Jessica Shouted'

Ms. Jung .Calm Down ''Principal Said''

Jessica back to her Seat

So .Both of you can go out now .But Tomorrow Make sure that the two of you's parents are here ,Okay ''Principal Said''

Jessica and Yoona Leave the Principal Office




Jin Young Arrived

He was very Happy 

Jessica go to him

Oh ,Jessica ,Why ?''Jin Young Asked Happily''

Dad ,You have to come with me in the Principal Office ''Jessica Said Sadly''

Why ? ''Jin Young Asked''

Because Me and My Classmate Yoona Fight ''Jessica Said Sadly''

What !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ''Jin Young Said Shockingly''

But Dad .She is the First who start the fight ''Jessica Said''

Fine .I will come ''Jin Young Said Angrily''

Sorry Dad ''Jessica Said Sadly''

Jin Young go to his Room angrily

Jessica became Lonely

















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Jamess #1
Chapter 20: hahahaha....i really love of your chapter here....they have a sweet moment , jealous moment and worst moment.....in the end they manage to solve their problem there......hahahhahaa......so cute and nice happy ending.....hahahahha........^__^