012. border tutorial ( ft. d.o )

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border tutorial
012.( dashed ).

image credit : 


                choose your desired image and paste it onto the page. for this tutorial, i chose d.o
                ( simply because i'm a hardcore exotic and because i can ). 8D



                click 'source', located in the top left corner.


your page should now look something like this or similar.


                type this coding into the space next to the speech marks enclosing the picture url. 

    style="border: 1px; padding: 3px; border-style: dashed"
                the 'border: 1px' determines the thickness of the border. for mine, i decided i wanted a thin one, hence '1px'.
                the padding is the space between the border and the picture. i think 1px is a bit cramped so i went for '3px'.
                the border-style is self explanatory - the style of the border. since this tutorial is a requested one, the style is dashed.
                other border styles include solid, dotted, inset, outset, double & more, respectively.
                feel free to change these values according to your own preferences!


                click 'source' again. your picture should look like this.
                congrats you've learnt how to make a border! <3


               you can change the color of your border by clicking the 'text color' box. 
               if you don't like the colors in there, click 'more colors' and have fun browsing.



hello from the circus!
this is my very first tutorial and i think it's sort of dodgy,
since i'm not good at explaining in real life and i can hardly
expect better here on aff. 3 anyhow, i hope you can benefit
from this and thank you for viewing it!

i know there are quite a few tutorials on borders out there
but since we've had a few requests, why not? xD

more layouts will be coming soon, and maybe resources if you
guys want (e.g. hd pics, edits of a particular person). leave a comment!
we've gotten some really good layout suggestions so thank you <3

and i'm so, so, so, so sorry that i haven't been replying wallposts
and that i've been an antisocial dickwad ; --- ; i'll get to those as soon
as i can. promise!

- flight.


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