"How To Catch A Dragon" for Dummies.


Tired of seeing his bestfriend suffer in silence because of a certain leader, Luhan makes his mission to do everything in his hands to transform his forgetful unicorn into a y hunk to attract Wufan's attention. And who's better for the job than Kim Jongin himself?

Zhang Yixing then finds himself completely and utterly screwed.


"Look! Wufan's just outside the building. All you have to do is go there, grab his arm and pull him inside. And when he looks at you, smile!"

"That's it?" asked Yixing as he grasped the windowsill and peered out, catching sight of a certain blonde trying to pass their squealing fangirls in order to enter their apartment building.

"That's it. That's all you have to do."

"But, I always do that..."

"No, what you do is use him as your personal shield when you get overwhelmed by crowds, and then smile like a little kid going to the dentist"

"Oh... OK. I'll do it." Taking a deep breath, the Chinese guitarist approached the front door, leaving the other two to watch everything from above.

What Luhan nor Jongin didn't expect was seeing his adorable yet oblivious friend instantly get mobbed by hoards of giggling and blushing fangirls who began taking blinding pictures of their dear friend.

"Did he just...?"

"Oh yeah."

"Remind me to stamp a little post-it on his forehead reminding him to put some pants on before going out of the apartment."

"Well...at least he's wearing y boxers!"

"Shut up, Jongin."

Hope you like my story.
See you soon!

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Chapter 15: Please please please. I know that it has literally been years but still please update this!!!
Chapter 15: Please please please. I know that it has literally been years but still please update this!!!
Chapter 15: I miss this story so so much TT______TT
I keep on coming back here just to re-read each chapter, but when I finally reach the last update I just feel so sad I finish reading with tears in my eyes..
I really hope you'll continue this story of yours, because it was one of my favourite (and I think it will always be at the top). Please, I need to know how you wanted it to end ㄒ___ㄒ
Kitao_exo12 #4
Chapter 15: please update this...... if I die without knowing the end of the story I will cry....
Authornim???? please dont leave it there... it cannot end that platonic :'(
SashaAnderson #6
Chapter 15: Are there other chapters or is this the end ? Because it could look like some kind of end actually T_T Sad but somehow realistic....
Iranka #7
Chapter 15: Please update soon!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!
korealoverkyopta #8
I am still waiting ya know T.T (feeling like a total loser xD) only because I just love this story so much, and I really wish to know what will happen next.
Chapter 15: No no no that can't be it!!! AHHHHHH!! I NEED MORE! Please update this story SOON!! ,T.T