Introducing A Star's Friend

Members' love towards Yuri

"HEY GUYS!!" Yuri was running into the dorm happily but was dissapointed since only Sooyoung was in the living room, with a bag of chips in her hand.


'Soo, don't speak when you are eating." Yuri said as she slumped down beside Sooyoung. She stretched herself and Sooyoung offered her the chips.

'Nah, I don't want to get fat." Yuri shook her hand.

"Okay. By the way, why are you so happy?" Sooyoung asked and

"Soo, just now manager oppa call me and guess what?"


"The producer of the ' Introducing A Star's Friend' had invited me to their show. Along with Jessica and Tiffany."


"There's a chance that I will be meeting handsome looking guy there. I can't wait! Maybe I could get myself a boyfriend." Sooyoung frowned when she heardof the word ' boyfriend' from Yuri's mouth. She was not pleased to hear that word from Yuri.

"How is it going to be anyway?" Sooyoung asked although she had accompanied her sister went for thet show before.

"Well, they divide us into two teams. Tiff and Sica in one team. I still need to find one more." Yuri sighed. Sooyoung suddenly smiled and leaned closer to Yuri.

"How about me?"

"How about you?" Yuri looked at Sooyoung confusedly.

"I am single and  I am pretty. I am tall like you. We can form a Jangshin group while Tiff and Jess form a Danshin group." Sooyoung explained and Yuri smiled. Yuri nodded her head and smiled. She high fived with Sooyoung.

"GOOD IDEA! I like it Soo!" Yuri hugged Sooyoung tightly. Sooyoung blushed and quickly stuffed herself with more chips.

"Yah! Stop eating like that. You are going to choke yourself." Right after Yuri said, Sooyoung choked. Yuri quickly handed Sooyoung a bottle of water that she had just drank from it. Sooyoung quickly took it and drank it.

"Thanks." Sooyoung took a deep breath and she looked at the bottle.

"Whats wrong?" Yuri asked.

"Its this yours?" Yuri only nodded her head at Sooyoung's question. Sooyoung stood up and ran toward the kitchen.

'Yuri and I...j-just share an i-indirect k-kiss." Sooyoung thought and she shook her head.

"Are you alright, Soo?" Yuri walked into the kitchen and stared right into Sooyoung's eyes. Sooyoung just pushed Yuri and shook her head.

'I'm totally fine." Sooyoung smiled. Yuri just nodded her head and walked away. Sooyoung sighed and leaned against the wall.

"I better be by Yuri side and watch out from the other guys." Sooyoung thought and took our her phone. She began to call their manager and told him about her new schedule.


"Finally we're done!" Yuri stretched herself as she walked beside Sooyoung. Jessica and Tiffany wanted to enjoy themselves with shopping so now left Yuri and Sooyoung who were waiting for their manager to fetch them. Yuri glanced at Sooyoung because Sooyoung was ignoring her and frowning right after thier date with the guys. Yuri slowly shortened her distance with Sooyoung and clung onto Sooyoung.

'W-what?!" Sooyoung was surprised and she was blushing.

"You are ignoring me and I don't like it." Yuri pouted. Sooyoung just sighed and thought, ' This Yul, how can I continue to get angry of her being too close with the guys?'

"Sorry, I was just tired." Sooyoung smiled at Yuri. Yuri just stared at her and slowly moved behind Sooyoung and gave the taller girl some massage.

"I will help you to be less tired!" Yuri exclaimed. Sooyoung just nodded her head and enjoyed this moment. She felt like she was in heaven. When she was totally immersed in the joyful moment of Yuri's special massage, a loud honk had interrupted her. Sooyoung looked up and glared at the manager who was getting out from the car.

"Sorry I was late. Need to send Yoona to her schedule."

"Its okay, oppa. Jess and Tiff will be late." Yuri gave her warm smile to manager and Sooyoung, she just silently stared at him. The manager gulpes, not knowing what he did to Sooyoung.

"Come on. Lets get you girls home now."

"Okay! Soo, come on!" Yuri pulled Sooyoung to the car and sat beside the taller girl. Yuri slowly leaned against Sooyoung by resting her head on the taller girl's shoulder.

'Y-yul?' Sooyoun glanced at Yuri. She was feeling awkward but happy at the same time.

"This girl. Kkabyul." Sooyoung thought as she chuckled after saw Yuri's sleeping habit, showing her tounge. Sooyoung just gently brushed away Yuri's hair from Yuri's face and she sat in a proper way so that Yuri could slept comfortably. The atmosphere was good and warm for Sooyoung and for that moment, she wished that there was a time controller so that this moment could stop forever.

"Girls, we're here. Omo! Yuri's asleep." Manager said.

'Don't worry. I will carry her." Sooyoung said as she gently carried Yuri in bridal style. Their manager only nodded his head. Sooyoung bowed and walked into their dorm. She pressed the door bell of their dorm and Seohyun helped her to open the door.

"Omo! Unnie, want me to help you carry Yuri unnie?"

"No need, Seobaby. Just help me close the door and bring our things in." Sooyoung smiled and carried Yuri to the older girl's room. She then gently placed Yuri on the latter's bed and covered the latter with a blanket. She sat on the edge of the bed and gently caressed Yuri's cheek.

"Yuri-ah, you had commited a crime. A very serious one. Do you know?" Sooyoung said and gently pinched Yuri's nose. Yuri only let out a small voice of protest. Sooyoung just giggled.

" Your crime is being too cute. You are just too cute and too irresistable. Even me, who put food as number one in my heart, had change my mind, by putting you as first in my heart, I was jealous when I thought of you meeting the guy just now. But I was happy that seems like you are not interested. Yuri-ah, promise me, always stay by our side, especially mine." Sooyoung whispered. Yuri moved a little and mumbled something. Sooyoung just smiled and quickly kiss Yuri's forehead.

'Yuri, Saranghae." Sooyoung stood up and walked out from the room. After she left the room, Yuri opened her eyes. In fact, she was awake the whole time when Sooyoung carry her into her room. She was just pretend to be asleep.

"Sooyoung, Saranghae." Yuri whispered as she drifted to her dreamland.



A/N: Wala.....Soori up......The main reason why Sooyoung join the show with Yuri again....XD...hope you guys like it...I will try to put Taeri as next couple...And for those who want more of YulSic or YoonYul or Yulti or any couple that I had post in previous chapter,  please wait. I will make q sequeal to each pairing after I finish all eight pairing...XD

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