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  The form closes once all spots are filled. Even if the shop says we are open, if you cannot access the form, all spots have been filled. 

Just kidding, the form is currently open for endless amount of request as of now.

Sike, I'm busy af rn


Whatsup guys, Abby here. I'm forgoing the layout because no one got time for that. Just read my rules, look at my examples, and click on that request link if you want a poster. Please don't double request, claim posters as your own, not follow the rules, and generally don't be shady. 


1. Must use my poster for 2 months

2. Must credit and link back to this shop; MUST BE SUBSCRIBED

3. Leave a comment before and after getting the graphic so I know you left a request/picked up the poster

4. Must have at least 1 chapter, and no drafts (unless you're my homie, or a frequent requestor of Wanderlust.)

5. Don't be shady





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Hello. I just wonder about my request. Are you planning to design it soon?
Hi! I was wondering about my request. Of course I'm not here to push you, just want to know if it's still possible for me to change the characters?
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Chapter 4: Ahh all of your posters are so beautiful *-*

Also, I was wondering, a while back you made a poster for my story "To the Moon" (http://i.imgur.com/olbpGAX.png) and I really want to also write a version of the story with Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior and I was wondering if were possible for you to modify the poster with them as well? The poster is just so absolutely perfect, I wanted to be able to use it for both. I completely understand if you can't though! Thank you so much!
Chapter 4: Whoops! Its cool! Even thou it turned out darker than i expected but i guess personally like it :) thanks, will update on my story once i hv my lappy
hello? Is there a way to see the past covers you made? Strangely my covers got deleted and I don't know where to find them again. I just saw this one vengeance that you posted, but I can't find the others :( do you have a devianart or something where you put all the covers you ever made please?
Chapter 3: It wasn't long at all! Your gorgeous posters will always be worth the wait! ^^ And WOW! This poster looks absolutely beautiful~ <3 The DJ station along with the speakers are such an awesome detail and the confetti like dots are super fitting! I really love the colors and fonts you've used for this, they're so poppy and cute plus the speech bubble is adorable! The way you put everything together on the poster is so eye catchingly stunning! <3<3<3
But um.. I'm really really sorry about this but the one with the white and blue highlighted hair in the poster is actually Wonho from Monsta X, is there possibly any way to change it to Minhyuk? I'm sorry TT^TT
I requested! btw the title of my story is "C.O.D.E of Hitman". I'm pretty sure I made a mistake in terms of the title. Thank you in advance!
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I've requested! I've been waiting for you to open, your posters are stunning <3
I'm going to request for a story which I currently write now. It's in draft but I'm quite sure I can finish it within a week! Can't wait!!!