The war between me and my mother-in-law


You are just a normal college student who has a best friend, amazing parents and a protective brother. But one day, everything in your life changed. It wasn't great... It was the worst...



You/~~~~ (17):  

You're a lovely girl with dreamy eyes and a beautiful heart. You're strong on the outside but a kid on the inside. You can't endure pain and you hate it, when someone insult you or your family. You get to know Hoya of Infinite, the kingkas of Woollim High... because of a arranged marriage!











Your mother-in-law/ Lee Bora:

She's your wicked mother-in-law. From the moment you stepped into her house, she abused you and you became her maid! Her children are her everything and she does't want anybody to stole them away from her. It's her biggest fear. However, she and her daughter made your life terrible.













Your husband/ Lee Howon/Hoya (18):


He's your husband and a total mama's boy! He was strict against this marriage but because he owed his grandpa a favor, he agreed to it. He never opened his mouth to protect you however, he loves you.













Your father-in-law/ Lee Sukhwan:

Your kiknd father-in-law. He is the only one for the marriage and treats you right. He's the opposit of your mom and cares for your marriage. Whenever your mom abused you, he protects you.















Your sister-in-law/ Lee Jiyeon:

She's your oh so angelic sister-in-law. Everybody thinks she's an angel but... she's definately not. She's devil in person! Together with her mom, she makes your life miserable and unbearable. She wants you to leave her house and leave her brother. 

























other characters will be introduced in the story


(Bang Yong Guk will be appearing at chapter 185)




It's my 3rd  fanfic, I hope you like it!




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