INFINITE + Jiyeon + Junho =????

The war between me and my mother-in-law

When INFINITE were playing with Junho, someone rang the door. 

"Sungjong, go open the door!" Sunggyu demanded


and he stood up and went to the door. 

On the monitor, he could recognise Jiyeon.

"Hyung, it's the devil!"

"The devil??!!" Sungyeol said and hugged Junho.

"Yep... What to do now? Should I let her in?"

"Wait, why shouldn't we let her in?" Sulli asked. Sulli didn't know anythign about Jiyeon, sicne she only saw her like twice. 

"She is pure evil..." Woohyun told her

"Junho, why is he here? Do you know that?" Dongwoo asked

Junho, who is hiding in the blanket slowly lift his head.

"Molla... actually aunt should babysit me, but I don't like her, so I told daddy that I want you to look after me..."

"I think they forgot to call her..." Sulli said

"But they left 3 hours ago!" Myungsoo stated.

"So if Junho didn't call us, she wouldn't come here on time, right?" Sungyeol stated

"I think so..." Woohyun said

Jiyeon rang the bell again.

"Hyung, what now?" Sungjong asked

Now she rang more and more, like she's getting mad...

"Hey, I have an idea... Let's hide in another room and let her look after Junho for awhile, let's see if she can do it and how she does it..." Sunggyu suggested

"That's a cool idea... But don't leave me alone for too long...She's scary..." Junho whispered and ran into Sunggyu's arms.

Sunggyu picked him up.

"Don't worry, we'll stay in the next room, okay? If there's anything, we'll go out. No, we'll go out after 20 or 30 minutes. I just want to see how she's doing as a aunt." Sunggyu explained

Junho nodded and ran into his room. Now Jiyeon was right at the door, knocking on it, non-stop. They got frightened. Junho came back with a walkie talkie. 

"Junho is really smart..." Sulli said 

"Okay, Junho, don't tell devil that we're here, okay?" Sulli said

"Ne, imo..."

Jiyeon knocked on the door again.

"Okay, everyone go into the bathroom!" They knew that Jiyeon would never ever use the bathroom because she never ever uses another bathroom as her own. 

After they all went into the bathroom, Junho went to the door and opened it. Jiyeon was totally mad and stormed into the apartment like those wifes knowing that their husband is cheating on her...

"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG???!!" she screamed

"Mianhae aunt, I was in the toilet." 

Hearing that, INFINITE and Sulli thought that Junho's quite smart. Answering like that, very good.

"Auntie, I want to play!"

"Go play on your own! I want to rest... How can you live in this small place? Gross..." and Jiyeon slowly sat on the sofa.

Junho wasn't surprised at her answer at all. He knew it and sat down on the floor and played with his toys, while Jiyeon was watching TV.



"Why can't I hear anything?" Sungyeol whispered

"Can't you hear the TV? I think Junho is playing on his own..." Sulli answered

"Poor boy... Jiyeon is so cold..." Dongwoo said

"Now I think that that was a bad idea... I feel bad..." Sunggyu said

"But if we didn't do it, we'll never know... Good thing we set up a camera to film this... Didn't know that Woohyun would came up with that idea... Taking our phones and place it in every room..." Sungyeol stated


"Because if they'll be gone again and don't have anyone to look after Junho again, they'll never call the devil again... Right?" Dongwoo said

"Exactly." Sungyeol answered

"She's always been cold... since she was a child..." Myungsoo commented

"You're right..." Sunggyu said

"Wait, Junho wants to eat." Sulli said and everyone listened to the walkie talkie.



"I'm hungry..." Junho said and stood in front of Jiyeon

"YAH! GO AWAY! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!!" and she pushed him away. He fell on the floor. Sulli wanted to go out and help him, but Woohyun stopped her. Junho was talking again.

"WHY DID YOU PUSH ME?" he cried

"So annoying..." and Jiyeon sat down next to Junho.

"Sorry... OKAY??!!" and she went into the kitchen.


"Mommy said she left food in the kitchen. You-"

"Okay, okay..."

After 1 minute, Jiyeon came back with a box of bibimbap that you made in the morning. You kept it in the fridge so it would last longer.

"Here, eat!"

"But it's still cold..."


"You have to heat it..." 

"Argh, do it yourself..." and she sat back down on the sofa and watched TV.

Junho, who was getting hungrier and hungrier, went to the kitchen and wanted to heat up the rice using the microwave. 



"Hyung, I think we can go out now..." Myungsoo said

"Yeah, we-" 

and they heard something breaking. They immediately ran out of the bathroom and Sulli, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and Sunggyu ran to the kitchen. A plate fell to the ground and the pieces were all over. Is Junho would have stepped back just one step, she would have been injured. He was crying.

"Imo..." he cried and she hugged him.

"I'm sorry, Junho..." she said and picked him up and brought him into his bedroom. She shot Jiyeon a glare. The others who didn't went to see after Junho were shocked by Jiyeon. She just calmly sat on the sofa with the remote in her hand, as if nothing happend...

After Jiyeon saw Sungyeol, she stood up and went to him.

"Oppa, why are you here?" she calmy said, using her aegyo.

Everyone was shocked.

"Now I know why you call her the devil..." Sulli whispered as she came back to tidy up the kitchen. Junho calmed down and Dongwoo went into his room to play with him. Everyone could hear Junho's laugh again. They were relieved. Except for Jiyeon. She was still clinging on Sungyeol...





Blub... Monday...-.-'

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