I Got Married To Infinite


I Got Married To Infinite


WGM is a South-Korean reality program that idols/actors/actresses would have virtual marriage with each other.They are choosen by the staffs and the couple choosen will starred in the program for a period of time.This reality show normally only starred one woman and one man.


Things changed.The staffs came out with something crazy and they thought it would worth a try."This is going to be a big hit".The old season ended and they really need to come out with a new couple.And eventually,one of the staff suggested,"Hey,why dont we try something new?Let's make the virtual wife has more than one husband.This is going to be interesting".

And thats was the start of I got married to Infinite with Lee Ji Eun.Everyone thought it was just a fake show with scripts.BUT,what if Lee Ji Eun and the Infinite boys developed feelings through out the show?


Lee Ji Eun just debuted not long ago but her popularity was crazy.

Infinite was the group that debuted two years ago and their popularity was DAEBAK.

One solo singer,7 Infinite boys.They got married



Hello readers!I am back with another fic,I got married to Infinite.Yes,I got this inspiration from the show WGM.And this crazy idea just came into my mind.Do subscribes and comment alot on my stories!And feel free to check out my other stories as well.<3

AND please be reminded that,everything in this fic aren't according to what the idols really did.It wont be in order,especially what I wrote about IU.Everything i write about her,it would be out of order and some,I might create myself.Please be noted.


1)Unexpected Love(Jyj Junsu and OC) Status:Complete



2)Love Diet(Infinite Woohyun,Myungsoo and OC) Status:Complete



3)I wish i have a boyfriend (Infinite Woohyun and IU) Status:Complete



4)I am Cinderella,would you be my prince? (Infinite Woohyun and OC) Status:Complete



5)Exo-Ordinary Planet Love (All exo members and IU) Status:Incomplete



6)My Hot Vampire Prince (Infinite Woohyun and IU) Status:Incomplete



Again,Subscribes and Comments!Thank you!



Lee Ji Eun

-a new debut solo idol 

-very popular 

-has a very nice voice

-charismatic and very professional when she perform but clumsy and cute when she come down from the stage

-a straightforward and kind person

-cares about others feelings alot

-easily fell for someone.


Kim Sunggyu

-leader of Infinite

-mature and cute in a way

-seems to be very playful but he cares and lead Infinite very well

-had a nickname known as 'Old Gyu'

-he is quite young but he easily fall sick


Jang Dong Woo

-Main rapper of Infinite

-unique laughter that draws people to get attracted to him

-a happy go lucky guy

-cheerful and likes to smile

-never gets angry


Nam Woohyun


-main singer in Infinite

-greasy and loves to act cute

-his aegyo is irresitible and often sweet talks people

-misunderstood as a playboy in public but he is actually a very faithful man in love

-a noob in dancing

-always tries his best to get what he wants.



Kim Myungsoo

-Visual of Infinite

-the most flawless and handsome person in Infinite

-quiet and doesnt talk much

-loves to tease people

-loves food more than girls

-a very bad tempered person

-hates to be called his real name instead of L


Lee Ho Won

-the best dancer in Infinite

-has a smile that melts people heart

-a very considerate person

-he likes to tease leader Gyu

-playful yet serious when its necessary


Lee Sungyeol

-tallest member in Infinite

-loves to joke and prank s alot

-hates people who lies and people who slap him on the face

-gets panicked easily

-loves chocolate to the max


Lee Sungjong

-maknae of Infinite

-loves to dance girls group dance alot

-the youngest but think wiser than his hyungs

-his aeygo gets him everything he wants

-sweets(esp lemon candy) fanatic

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