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 five treasure island 
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 hello everybody! I have returned and this time everything is much more neater and prettier! This is not my layout. I would make my own but I really can't be stuffed learning all those htmls. Want to learn more about F.T Island? Please subscribe and be patient with my updates. Pictures do not belong to me. Credit to their owners. ^^ 

{general info}

❝ name  ft island a.k.a five treasure island 
❝ members  5 (choi jonghoon, lee hongki,
lee jaejin, song seunghyun and choi minhwan)
❝ company FNC Music, MNet Media, Al Entertainment (Japan),
Warner Music Group (Japan)
❝ genre  rock, pop
❝ bandmates  C.N Blue (Code Name Blue), Oh WonBin (former member of FTI),
Juniel, AOA
❝ fanclub  Primadonna
❝ colour  sunshine yellow








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All About F.T Island|| GUYS IM BACK FROM MY LONG BREAK...made a triple update for you guys


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PrettyAlmeonni #1
Chapter 14: Oh my really. Did the two boys does ? Haha.. Irt was quiet funny but it's cute .. JKS <3 & HOONIE-OPPA :**
PrettyAlmeonni #2
Chapter 12: Oh my. I think the girl his looking for is naneun >3< haha. LOL xD
PrettyAlmeonni #3
Chapter 12: Oh my. I think the his looking for is naneun >3< haha. LOL xD
Thank you for this ♥♥♥
Chapter 71: you guys can't murder me for being so...inactive. meh. /crawls back to my cave of nothingness/
ButterflyShida #6
Chapter 71: yeah.. get well soon hongki and get well soon to myself!
natachafdl #7
Chapter 48: I agree with Village-idiot. And I seriously want them to go independent since it would do them better than waiting for FNC to finally make an effort for them because they'll be CNBlue biased forever. I prefer their Jap label so much more because they promote them there awesomely. And to think that an even bigger company like Warner Music appreciates FT Island's own music more is definitely mind-baffling. There's news about a self-written korean album next year, and I'm hoping it's finally what really the fans and FT members have been asking them for years.
Village-Idiot #8
Chapter 48: I really hate the way FNC treats the treasures T-T It's not only unfair how they treat them differently ignoring them as if they were no longer important, but they seem to do things on purpose, they are like, torturing the guys and the fans...
If they don't care about them and just go for the money, they should have some mercy and let them do whatever the hell they want...
I don't know if they are looking for another agency but that could help and I swear, if this guys could make their own music, forget about money for promotions, they would blow Korea's mind, not only Japan's
Chapter 21: Ohhh, i'm an O blood type. Why doesn't he like me?! TOT
Seems nice ^^
I will bookmark it and try this later thanks.