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Want an EXO ring of your own and other fan made merchandise like what your idols wear every day? There are official Exo merchandise except their albums and cds. There rest are fan made such as the Exo Ring, Baekhyun's Light Bracelet and more.


Where to buy;

  • Kpoptown
  • Ebay (note: there is more than one seller than the one suggested)
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Chapter 200: Wow. AWESOME drawings. That person has a LOT Of talent.
Chapter 196: Who's the one showing off his stomach in the 2nd picture.

I don't get the joke in the 3rd gif.
Chapter 192: Awww, Sehun is so proud that he wants to show off his diploma to Kris and everyone else.
Chapter 178: It looks like Luhan, Baekhyun and Chen's hands are pretty small. LOL!
Chapter 172: I would LOVE to see Kris call Luhan 'Han Han' and see the expressions on the others faces.

Baekhyun is so flirty, even with Kris. LOL!
Chapter 164: D.O and Baekhyun look like rag dolls being thrown in the air. They must be so light for Minho to throw them up. Cute.
Chapter 163: Awww, Xiumin and Luhan are sooooooooooooooo adorable.
Chapter 161: OMG! Kai looks like a young version of Taemin with Minho. So cute.

I LOVE when Kris acts like a father, sitting Sehun down and moving Suho next to Sehun.
Chapter 158: OMG! LOL! I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
Chapter 157: Is there a link with Sehun and Kyungsoo by the car?

Oh Lord, Xiumin giving Luhan CPR. Cute.