Boys and Girls


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Everybody has a secret.

The Makdongee, Lee Taemin loves _________. Kim Key is ______. The rapper, Choi Minho is ______. While, leader Onew is a ______. Last, the lead singer Kim Jonghyun is _____

a. biual / homoual (he still doesnt know)
b. big fat liar
c. a highly classified smug.
d. ographic materials
e. Kim Ki Bum
f. human sized stuff toys
g. none of the above


Chapter 0: The beginning of something wonderful.

By: [info]cutterpillow92


Waking up from Lee Taemin's voice, Kim Ki Bum or Key's morning wasn’t the blast. Perhaps, it was an egregious mistake from the maknae to woke him up. The diva Key was now grunting, cursing beneath his breath as he was waiting for his turn to the bathroom.

As far as he remembers, he cannot recall anything that is connected for waking up very early from this fine weather.

Seeing Key in his unlikely attitude, Taemin used his innocent charm to appease his hyung. “Manager hyungnim, left early today, he said he’ll have some meeting. Then after two hours, he called Onew hyung, and told him that we should go there ASAP, to talk about something really important.”


Jonghyun burst out of the bathroom with him fully dressed. Minho and Taemin are both seated on their places in the dining table, eating everything that is placed on the table. Onew, is somewhat busy in front of their computer.

Key gritted his teeth for the second time. He was totally pissed off, for his ‘beauty rest’ was incomplete. “Pimples will trot out again.” he whispered as he checked his self in front of the large mirror located inside their bathroom. The diva commented, “I guess, popping them out will be the best idea to prevent my flawless skin to be damage.”


The driving time did not take long; in fact it was only 45 minutes away from their dorm. As they stormed in inside the building-meeting place, they settled their selves inside a dressing room that was meant for them, to stay for the mean time.

Minho was busy playing a soccer game on his PSP as Taemin is scooting closer to him, watching the said game as well. Jonghyun and Onew on the other hand, were talking about something in a serious manner, sometimes they would laugh silently. And Key lay down on his stomach in the couch—sleeping, continuing his rebuff sleep.

Then the door flew open, it jolted Key back from his drift of dream. Everybody’s attention caught the loud bang on the wall. They saw their manager smiling really wide, as if he won a lottery.

He clapped his hands twice or trice. “I have good news for you guys.”

“What is it hyung?” Jonghyun asked. Curiosity was etched on their faces.

“You will have your comeback show… and this time you guys will be joined by these two lovely females.”

Slowly the two girls walked forward. All eyes were focused on them—only to the two of them. The five boys, started to feel embarrassed.

Time had suddenly stopped for them. Lips started to part open. Eyes getting twitchy.  Hearts were beating double time.

“Hajimemae.” The lady with velvet black straight hair spoke in her language. She bows in front of them as a sign of her respect. Chest started to throb uncontrollably again. For the first meeting, she flashed her signature smile to them which most of people on her country is fond of seeing it. “I hope we could have a great time while doing this.”

They got hypnotized over her charms, without their neurons consent, all of them had nodded, blushed and smile demurely.

They’ve seen girls already, their schoolmates, their seniors or juniors, their boss, their fans, but nothing beats the epitome of beauty from these two ladies in standing in front of them.

061310 || 11.44pm


Hajimemae – pleased to meet you.

cutterpillow's note :: the is a fictional site. i wrote it as a spoof of  xD


Title:: Boys and Girls

Author:: collaboration between jelly_jonghyun and cutterpillow

Length :: TBA

Characters :: SHINee (all members) , Aragaki Yui and Kim Ji Hyun (OC)

Disclaimer::  We do not own any artist whom we used on my stories. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely accidental. Personalities are completely made up.

Warning:: English isn't our first language, so bear with us. 


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ashlie_kpop #1
nice! will you continue it?
seems interesting
Amarillia #3
Chapter 14: Aaahhhh!!! He's gay!! I knew it!! Who was watching?!?
Dangerousluv1 #4
Chapter 14: Ooohhh! This is getting interesting! I wonder who was listening. Please update soon!
kimmikolove #5
Chapter 2: Taemin,Your a _______ too
[deactivated] #6
omg please update soon!!
I love this sooo much ^___^
I regret that I'm just reading it now~ this is so cool~ yui aragaki and jihyun with SHINee keke LOOOOL
shuhadaramli #9
This is fantastic! Please do go on a hiatus! Key/Yui is a pairing that I totally adore and approve of. Please update! :)