I Got Married... To Teen Top?!

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It's your first time in Korea, and everything is going smoothly... Until you meet the directors of popular hit show, "We Got Married", that is! The directors need an average girl for the six new 'grooms', Teen Top! You are suddenly forced into a virtual marriage with six boys you don't even know exist! What's a teenage girl to do?!


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Yes, muzikmaster here for yet another story!

This time starring... hot and amazing boygroup, TEEN TOP!!


Now without further ado... Let the story begin! :D



I Got Married... To Teen Top?!

By muzikmaster

  • Main Character Profiles:


You (Park _______)


Age: 17

Introducing the main character! You are the happy-go-lucky, sweet, and beautiful leading lady! You are also Teen Top's bride in the hit show, "We Got Married". You look pretty dense when it comes to love, when in fact, you're the exact opposite! Watch out though, you can be really mean when you get mad. Using your brains, beauty, aegyo and wit, will you be able to capture Teen Top's heart?


L. Joe

Real Name: Lee Byunghun

Age: 17 (third oldest hyung)

Nickname: Mischievous Rapper / Rascal Rapper

Couple Name: Pinky Couple!

Reason: You and L. Joe are named the Pinky Couple because upon your first meeting, you are easily mesmerized with L. Joe's pink hair. Also, the both of you always make 'pinky promises', hence the 'pinky'.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now give you... L. Joe! Yes, this pink-haired cutie steals everyone's heart by using his sweet smile and good looks. Like a dependable older brother, he cares a lot for Teen Top and s. But, don't let his chic appearance on stage fool you! He's actually a big prankster and has a ed side as well.




Real Name: Ahn Daniel

Age: 17 (younger than L. Joe)

Nickname: Emotional Vocal

Couple Name: Omona! Couple / OMG! Couple

Reason: You and Niel are called the 'Omona! Couple' because like Niel, you tend to give really enthusiastic responses to everything. You and Niel tend to say "Omona!" a lot as well, therefore you are called the Omona! Couple.

It's no other than the Emotional Voice, Niel! Using his unique singing voice, he'll leave you begging to hear more. Niel may look like a cool, calm and collected boy on stage, but in real life, he's nothing like his image! He's actually a hyper, loud, and charming boy that you can't just help but love! Niel will lure you in with his carefree 'don't worry, be happy' self and serenade you sweetly in the night.



Real Name: Bang Minsoo

Age: 18

Nickname: Charisma Rapper / Leader

Couple Name: Hottie Couple

Reason: The reason you and CAP are called the Hottie Couple is easy. He's hot. You're hot.  There's also another reason. Upon your first meeting, it was summer and it was boiling hot outside, so CAP and you became sweaty and nervous.Therefore, the Hottie Couple is officially born. ;)

 He's the leader that just overflows with charisma! Yup, you guessed it right.... It's CAP! If you look at his face just once, you'll know that he's in charge of the fierce rapping in Teen Top. CAP looks cold and mean at first, but he has a lot of aegyo! He smiles a lot and when he becomes nervous, he tends to do a lot of peace signs.




Real Name: Lee Chanhee

Age: 17 (Older than L. Joe)

Nickname: Power Voice

Couple Name: Hello Kitty Couple

Reason: You and Chunji are called the Hello Kitty Couple because you both love Hello Kitty things. On you and Chunji's first date, you buy him a Hello Kitty cellphone case and keychain, and you buy an identical one. Ever since then, Chunji adores his phone and likes Hello Kitty very much.

 Hurrah! The King of Selcas (Self-Camera Pictures) has come! Self-proclaimed "Selca King", Chunji is the most photogenic hyung among the others. He's the cute, fresh, and sweet boy that will whisk you away using his squeal worthy winks and happy smiles.



Real Name: Choi Jonghyun

Age: 17 (Older than you)

Nickname: Dancing Boy

Couple Name: Victory!! Couple

Reason: In Korea, a peace sign means victory. You and Changjo are called the Victory!! Couple by fans because you both like to do the peace signs frequently. Fans have seen you do this a lot, so they nicknamed you the Victory!! Couple.

He's here to steal your heart away... It's none other than husband #5, Changjo! Being the maknae of the group, he knows the hardships of being young. Maybe that's why he can relate to you so much. :3 In charge of the dancing in the group, he makes sure that Teen Top's choreography looks neat, smooth, and precise on stage.



Real Name: Yoo Changhyun

Age: 17 (Older than you)

Nickname: Lovely

Couple Name: Feed Me! Couple

Reason: As told by the other members of Teen Top, Ricky loves to eat and will do anything for food! You are actually the same. Since fans on WGM have seen you and Ricky eat a lot and frequently feed each other, they have nicknamed you the "Feed Me! Couple".

"Annyeong, Noonas~! I'm the Lovely Ricky!" Of course, it's the older maknae Ricky! Known for his adorable aegyo and babyish looks, he'll make you faint with his cute charms. However, don't judge Ricky so easily as just another typical pretty boy! He's more charismatic than you could think. (Especially with his kick- matrix dance moves in "Supa Luv"!)



  • What is We Got Married exactly?

For the readers that don't know what We Got Married is, it's a Korean reality show. A 'bride' and a 'groom' (usually celebrities) 'get married' (it's fake, of course), and spend time together. The bride and groom get closer other by sometimes going on missions, usually sent by mission cards. The mission cards usually have missions that they have to clear. (For example, a mission card could say to move in together in a bought house). After the long period of time together is over and they become closer, they end the program by saying goodbye to each other. But that's not the case for you and Teen Top.


  • Main Storyline

After leaving the States and moving to Korea for the first time (even though you're Korean), things aren't exactly going as planned. You suddenly meet the directors of WGM! They choose you as their new 'bride' for their show, and almost immediately, you're cast into a virtual marriage with rising stars, Teen Top! You don't even know who they are or what the show is about, yet you're in! There's new twists and turns in We Got Married this time. You will be able to choose whether or not you really want to marry Teen Top at the end of the long period! Will you say yes? Will awkwardness gradually turn into friendliness? Will friendship turn into love? Will new rivals appear? Find out in "I Got Married... To Teen Top?!"

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Chapter 17: Its amazing! Iloveyour stories! :) My bias are Ljoe and Chunji xD i would like to have more interactions with Ljoe haha. My favorite song of the moment is Supa Luv ! :) my favorite chapter is "Call me Oppa"
Pairings will be "You and Infinite" :) hehe

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