Years Later...

I Got Married... To Teen Top?!
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Narrator’s P.O.V
“What do you think about this house?” The realtor asked the seven of you.
You gasped at the pretty curtains and model of the house. “Waa, I love it!” You smiled wide and giggled, “It’s beautiful! Oppas, what do you think?”
Niel gave you a wide smile, “I like it too.” “Chunji Oppa?” You questioned, looking at the latter. He perked up and nodded, “As long as you like it, then I’m happy.”
“Alechangjo?” You studied the curtains and measured the kitchen floor’s length. “Aish, ________, I told you to stop calling me that~” He whined, “But I like the house.”
A giggle escaped your lips as CAP nodded, “It’s big and pretty.”
“ Oppa?” You looked over your shoulder at the boy. His hair was now blonde like in his Clap days. “Yahh~ I’m not a ~!” L. Joe sneakily wrapped his arms around your slim waist. You laughed, “Not a , you say?”
“Jeez, that’s exactly why Seomin became the oldest. Just couldn’t keep your hands off her, eh?” Ricky appeared out of nowhere and yanked you out of L. Joe’s grasp. You giggled as L. Joe stuck his tongue out at him.
“Well what about you? You got ________ pregnant right after Nana came out of her! Call me a , huh?” L. Joe fired back. Ricky growled. Niel pouted, “Hey! Leave my daughter out of this!”
You laughed and waved it away, “Anyways, Ricky Oppa, where were you?”
“Me?” Ricky asked, staring at you. “The kids decided to play a game of hide and seek. Mintae, that sneaky kid… He threatened to steal my secret stash of candy if I didn’t be the seeker.” Ricky shook his head.
You and the guys howled with laughter, “My son is smart.” You giggled and got an idea. “We should ask the kids what they think.” Changjo agreed, “Changhoon!” He called.
“Neh, appa?” Changhoon popped out of the cupboard. “Whoa!” Chunji jumped back in fright. “Changhoon-ah, hiding in there is dangerous.” You wagged your finger at him. He grinned, “Sorry, Mommy.”
“Come on, Nana!” Niel called out for his daughter. She came down the stairs and ran into Niel’s arms. “Hi, mommy.” She kissed your
cheek. “Hi, sweetie.” You smiled at her as she beamed in delight.
“Seomin, Miyeon!” L. Joe and Ricky called. Seomin crawled out from behind the couch, giggling. “Annyeong Umma!” She giggled, hugging your leg. You smiled and gladly picked up L. Joe and your daughter.
“Come to Appa. Umma is tired.” L. Joe cooed and clapped his hands. She jumped into L. Joe’s arms and clapped her hands too, “I’m so cra-cra-crazy!”
“—Clap, clap, clap, mad man!” Miyeon finished for her, clapping her hands too. Everyone laughed. “Aigoo, there’s my princess.” Ricky picked her up. She smiled.
Changhoon perked up, “Hey, where’s Mintae hyung?” You scratched your head, “Mintaeee! Mintaeee! Bang Mintaeee!” You cried out childishly.
Mintae slipped out from behind the door, “Umma, you don’t have to call so loudly. I’m right here!” Mintae grinned. “Mintae, don’t scare me like that. Come, give Umma a hug.” He gladly hugged you and held your hand.
Ricky gave him a light noogie, “There ya are, you little rascal.” Mintae laughed, “Oww!”
Chunji gazed around, “Where’s Hyunhee?” All of you walked upstairs and found him dozing off on the floor of the washroom while holding a hello kitty stuffed animal.
You squealed quietly and picked him up. “He’s sooooo cute!” Nana, Miyeon, and Seomin cooed. They adored the maknae. “Umma…?” Hyunhee asked in his sweet, adorable voice.
“Yes?” You replied while holding him. “I like this house.” He broke out into a smile as he hugged the hello kitty stuffed animal closer to him.
A pile of “Me too!”s and “I like this house!”s echoed in the house. You looked at the smiling realtor and your six husbands, “We’ll take this house.” You decided, and a bunch of childish cheering came from your kids and hubbies.
Not the end yet!
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gonna check this later huhu
i have midterms now xD
iiamjaydee #2
Chapter 17: Its amazing! Iloveyour stories! :) My bias are Ljoe and Chunji xD i would like to have more interactions with Ljoe haha. My favorite song of the moment is Supa Luv ! :) my favorite chapter is "Call me Oppa"
Pairings will be "You and Infinite" :) hehe

I really love your stories! I just finished reading "My Secret Nerdy Boyfriend" haha and now I'm reading this :) iloveit! Keep up the good work author-nim! FIGHTING!
Chapter 60: It was just like reading some wgm script or something^^ but I'd prefer if she ended up with just one member but kay. It's just a story :3
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Chapter 62: I read this story again and I still love it..Please make more Teen Top fanfics.. ^-^
Chapter 31: Ooooooh this is really good!!! I'm gonna come back and read more laterrrr :3
I loved this story so much :)
LOL thanks for your hilarious comments! :D
Chapter 62: I find it kind of weird for her to get pregnant with EACH ONE OF THEM ! First time I see this ! But I loved the story a lot <333 Thanks for writing this~~